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   Chapter 175 Be Missing All Of A Sudden

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Consuela didn't have too many things in Bevis's house. The two of them finished packing in a short while. There were only three bags in total.

"Consuela, are you willing to leave like this?" Nicole couldn't help asking when the two walked to the door with their bags.

Consuela looked back at the house and shook her head.

"Well, how about..."

"Let's go, Nicole. We won't die even if we are not reconciled. It's okay."

After casting a last glance at the place, Consuela left without looking back. Nicole closed the door, sighed and followed her closely.

All what happened was a sudden, Consuela didn't drive her own car over. The two of them could only stand by the road with bags in their hands to hail a taxi. But this block was a residential area, and taxi usually didn't come in. The two of them waited for more than 10 minutes, but they still didn't get a taxi.

Nicole turned to look at Consuela, who was standing there listlessly. It seemed that she could stand there for the whole day.

Noticing that Consuela was in a daze, Nicole walked aside, took out her phone and dialed Jacob's number.

"How's it going?" Jacob asked straightforwardly.

In a low voice, Nicole briefly told Jacob about the break-up between Consuela and Bevis. Then she asked whether the driver had gone back or not. If he hadn't, she would have asked the driver to pick them up.

"Wait a minute. I'll come over." Said Jacob.

"You also came back?" Nicole was surprised.

"Of course I have to come back since such a big thing happened. I'll see you off first. After that, I'll go to see Bevis." Jacob said naturally.

"Well, let's talk about it when you come over."

After hanging up the phone, Nicole walked up to Consuela, who was still absent-minded, as if she couldn't feel what was happening around her.

Seeing this, Nicole could say nothing.

About ten minutes later, Jacob arrived.

After getting out of the car, he glanced at Consuela and stuffed the three bags into the trunk.

Noticing that it was Jacob, Consuela knew it was Nicole called him. She nodded to greet him and got into the car with a long face.

After sending Nicole and Consuela to the place where Consuela rented, when Jacob was about to leave, Consuela s

onsuela uncomfortable.

Nicole: forget it.


Nicole: I'll sleep with Consuela tonight.

Jacob: got it.

Nicole sighed and went back to her bedroom with her phone in her hand. The expression and posture on Consuela's face were the same as before Nicole went out.

"Consuela, you..."

"I am going to sleep."

Consuela pulled the quilt over her and covered her face with it. Obviously, she refused to talk, to refuse any greetings and persuasion.

Nicole had no choice but to agree, "Okay, then you sleep. I'll be with you."

In the next two days, Consuela was like this. She just ate a little and didn't speak or get out of bed. She kept lying. Most of the time, she was in a daze with her eyes wide open. However, Bevis didn't show up, nor did he send any phone call or text message.

Nicole had thought that Bevis broke up with Consuela just because he was angry, but two days later, Nicole realized that Consuela was right at that time.

On the third day, Consuela finally got out of bed for dinner and began to clean up the closet.

Nicole was confused about this, but when she saw that Consuela finally had a different reaction, she was not so worried anymore.

While Consuela was tidying up the closet, she stood aside and watched her cleaning.

Just when Nicole thought everything was getting better and Consuela could finally get out of the emotional wound and face life again. Consuela was missing.

She left with her luggage as she left a note at home.

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