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   Chapter 172 She Committed Suicide!

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Holding her arms, Nicole walked along the road. Jacob didn't contact her, neither did she contact him. Could she go home at this time? Would his mother stay over at home? If his mother stayed at home, where would she stay tonight.

This series of questions bothered her. The more she thought about it, the more irritable she was.

After walking for a while, in a trance, Nicole saw the familiar street view and stopped. Unconsciously, she returned to her residence.

Was Jacob chatting with his mother now?

What would they talk about? Would Jacob tell his mother about her? Would his mother get angry?

Thinking of this, Nicole walked to the bench diagonally opposite the community and sat down.

The iron bench was soaked with a layer of cold by the night wind. Sitting on it in thin trousers, Nicole couldn't help shivering.

If she couldn't go upstairs tonight, would she stay here for a night? Nicole thought in a daze.

She sat there for a while and sneezed.

What time is it?

Nicole took out her phone and wanted to check the time, only to find that her phone was powered off. What a bad luck.

How about finding a hotel for a night? Anyway, she had the money and ID card with her. If she really sat here, she would be in big trouble if she encountered thieves or robbers.

Thinking of this, Nicole stood up slowly with the help of the armrest of the bench.

When she was about to walk away to look for a hotel nearby, she saw the door of the community open and a familiar figure came out.

Jacob walked in a hurry while talking on the phone. It seemed that something had happened.

Did he have a fight with his mother?

Nicole looked at the direction of Jacob and thought.

Soon, a car came over and stopped in front of Jacob. Jacob hung up the phone, opened the door and got in.

However, the car did not start as Nicole expected and drove away. But the next moment, the door opened again and Jacob got out of the car.

Getting off the car, Jacob looked across the wide road and fixed his eyes on Nicole, who was diagonally opposite to him.

Startled, Nicole was at a loss.

Being found like this, she could do nothing but put on an embarrassed smile and lowered her head.

After Jacob saying a few words to the driver, the car left slowly. Jacob tightened his windbreaker, glanced at the cars passing by on the street, and strode quickly to Nicole.

"Hi." Nicole bit her lips and greeted him awkwardly.

"What are you doing here?" Jacob asked with a frown

Nicole was burned by his cold tone, and her heart ached. She bit the bullet and answered reluctantly, "I'm just passing by. I'm about to leave."

mething, but he held back what he didn't say.

Hearing what Jacob said, Nicole popped her head out of curiosity and looked at him.

Unfortunately, Jacob didn't say anything more. He put on his tie, opened the bedroom door and walked out. Two minutes later, the door was slammed shut.

"……" From the sound of the door closing, Nicole could feel Jacob's anger.

She turned over on the bed like a salted fish, fell on Jacob's pillow and took a deep breath. A faint fragrance of men's shampoo came to her nose on the pillow. It was fresh, sharp and pleasant.

Nicole lowered her head and smelled for a long time before she got up to wash her tired body.

After washing her face and rinsing her mouth, she went to the kitchen and cooked a bowl of noodles. With a bowl of noodles in her hands, Nicole opened the calendar to check what she needed to do and the recent tasks.

Fortunately, she was a person who took precautions. She liked to prepare what she needed to do in advance. Otherwise, her work would be delayed again because of what happened to his mother yesterday.

After reading and adjusting the plan, Nicole finished the whole bowl of noodles in a hurry.

After she finished eating, she set up the camera and was about to shoot the latest video material. Suddenly, her phone, which was put aside, rang.

Confused, Nicole glanced at the caller ID. when she saw it was Consuela, she took off her plastic gloves and answered the phone.

"Hello, Consuela,"

"Nicole, something happened!" A flustered voice of Consuela came from the other end of the line.

Surprised, Nicole asked, "what's wrong? What happened? "

"Bevis... Bevis... " Consuela paused for a while and then said, "Bevis's ex-girlfriend killed herself."

"What did you say? !"

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