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   Chapter 167 Is He Better Than Me

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Hearing what Consuela had said, the two of them felt heavy in their hearts and were not in the mood to joke. After standing there for a while, Consuela patted on [暖暖]'s shoulder and smiled as if nothing had happened. "Let's go inside."


The two walked forward side by side. When they reached the door, the door was suddenly opened from inside.

A drunken Bevis appeared behind the door.

"Tell me, what else do you want to say?" The drunken Bevis yelled at the phone impatiently and staggered past Nicole.

Nicole quickly exchanged a glance with Consuela. Just now, she clearly heard a woman's voice on the other side of Bevis's phone.

Consuela's face darkened. She must have guessed who was calling Bevis.

"I'm out of city now. Can you stop pestering me?" With the help of the wall, Bevis staggered and was about to fall down.

"I can't stand it anymore." After saying that, Consuela rushed to the side of Bevis, grabbed the phone from his hand and shouted at the other end of the phone, "are you done? Shame on you! "

Then she hung up the phone.

Stunned, Bevis squinted at Consuela.

Seeing how drunk Bevis was, Consuela knew he couldn't be angry anymore. She put his arm on her shoulder and helped him walk into the box.

Seeing this, Nicole immediately opened the door for the two.

"Bevis, How can you be so useless? You just drank a few glasses of wine, but now you are such a coward?" As soon as the three of them entered, Frank shouted at Bevis. He looked quite drunk as well.

"Let me go!" Being provoked by Frank, Bevis pushed away Consuela and stumbled to Frank's side, picked up the glass, clinked it with Frank and delivered it into his mouth.

Unable to bear it anymore, Consuela rushed up and grabbed Bevis's hand. "Stop drinking, Bevis, you are drunk!"

"Go away! Don't mess it up!" Frank waved his hand impatiently.

Ignoring Frank, Consuela continued to persuade Bevis, "don't drink anymore. You've drunk too much. If you keep drinking, you'll have a stomachache."

However, as soon as Consuela finished her words, she was pushed away by Bevis.

"Why do you care about me? Who are you to me? "

"Bevis! You are drunk! "

"Tell me, who are you to me? Who do you think you are! It's none of your business whether I have stomach illness or not.

ob standing in front of her.

Looking at Jacob's sullen face, Nicole thought of what she had just said, and was frightened to stop.

Seeing this, the corners of Consuela's mouth lifted into a smile. She said to Nicole in a low voice, "keep safe." then she left quickly.

After Consuela was out of sight, Jacob asked word by word, "you think that he is better than me?"

"No..." Nicole swallowed with fear.

"Do you think I'm annoying?" Jacob approached.


"What?" Jacob pressed Nicole against the wall.

Nicole smiled awkwardly. She reached out to touch Jacob's wrist and explained carefully, "I was just trying to comfort Consuela. I didn't mean it."

"Really?" Jacob seemed to be suspicious.

Nicole nodded quickly, "of course!"


"Look, Consuela is in a better mood, isn't she?"

Jacob frowned, "It's none of my business whether she is in a good mood or not? From now on, you are not allowed to speak ill of me in order to make others happy. "

Nicole thought to herself, 'after all, Bevis is also your friend. You are so unreasonable...'

"Did you hear that?" Without getting any response from Nicole, Jacob asked again.

"Yes!" The coward Nicole gave in to Jacob's oppression, apologized and promised, "I'm wrong. I won't do it again. I promise."

Jacob was amused by Nicole's silly look. He lowered his head and bit on Nicole's earlobe as a punishment.

"If you dare to say that again, I will teach you a lesson."

"No I won't... " Nicole gasped in pain and blushed.

Damn it.

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