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   Chapter 165 What Happened To Her

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After her first live broadcast, Nicole became a popular new actress in the new signing net.

Alex, other Internet celebrity who signed contracts at the same time, and even some popular Internet celebrity became more enthusiastic with Nicole, and even pulled Nicole into their small group of fans.

Although she got a lot of attention all of a sudden, Nicole still did what she should do seriously. According to the advice of Jacob, she improved the rhythm and content of her video and Livestream at one point one.

Different from Alex's way of earning money and attracting eyeballs, Jacob preferred Nicole to improve the quality of her video and content and slowly change his video and content to a style and artistic atmosphere, which could bring beauty and warmth to the audience. Although this route would be slow at the beginning, it would be popular for a long time, which was also meaningful.

In contrast, Nicole was more willing to follow the route proposed by Jacob. Since her livestream was praised, she had been thinking about how to live up to her fans and provide them with some beautiful and valuable things when they liked.

In the busy and boring life, could her video be a warm spice?

According to this, Nicole began to work hard, and Alex had objection to it. Nicole endured the pressure and insisted on her own way. Fortunately, every time she broadcast, there would be a reward from that rich fan, and a message saying that he liked the video of Nicole and he was happy to see the progress of Nicole. So that Alex could not force her anymore.

Time flied, a month had passed, and the number of Nicole's fans had increased by nearly twenty thousand, and there were also many people who would reward her in the Livestream. Although the company still needed to arrange the water army, it was a small part.

Everything went well, and Jacob's new company was developing well. The new game had occupied a large market share as soon as it was listed. Many big companies were competing to cooperate with Jacob's company, he was earning a lot of money.

After the Livestream was over that night, Nicole recorded the problems found in the Livestream on her notebook and began to make the next Livestream plan.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

Turning around

at Nicole with a smile and explained, "this guy hasn't eaten anything for a whole day. He is so hungry that he almost can't drive."

"That's right. Buddy, I'm so hungry. I risked my last will to come to you. I say you should treat me to dinner tonight and reward me." Frank said in a hurry.

Jacob was amused by Frank's funny look. He picked up the glass of wine on the table and took a sip.

After entering the house, Nicole, who had been in quiet, walked to Consuela and sat down with a smile on her face. Her eyes fell on Frank's female companion.

The woman, who had been snuggling up to Frank, wiped his mouth and sweat from time to time. She was very considerate.

Looking at the woman, Nicole thought of Sabina, who used to look like her.

Why didn't Frank take Sabina with him?

Was it because Selina came to her?

Lost in thought, Nicole even didn't hear the greeting from Consuela.


"Ah!" Startled by Consuela's words, Nicole came to her senses.

Following the direction of Nicole's gaze, Consuela asked in confusion, "what are you looking at? Didn't I tell you that bitch didn't come today?"

"Okay." Nicole nodded and glanced at the men chatting happily not far away. She approached Consuela and whispered in her ear, "do you know why Sabina didn't come?"

"She cannot come even she wants to " Consuela said happily.

Nicole's heart sank. She tightened her grip on Consuela's wrist and said, "she can't come even if she wants? What do you mean? What happened to her? "

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