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   Chapter 164 That Idiot

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"What do you think of tonight?" Nicole heaved a sigh of relief and asked Jacob.

Jacob hurriedly put the phone screen into his pocket, walked over, picked up the remaining half cake of Nicole and began to eat.

"I'm asking you. What do you think? Not bad?" Asked Nicole.

"Just so so." Jacob swallowed the cake in his mouth and commented casually.

Frowning, Nicole asked, "what? Just so so? The atmosphere was very good. My fans are so enthusiastic. "

Jacob didn't say a word and continued to eat the cake. In the blink of an eye, all the strawberry left on the cake was eaten up by him.

"The rhythm is chaotic. There are not many interesting things and no clear style." After eating more than half of the cake, Jacob said lightly.

Nicole was in high spirits and couldn't hear such a reasonable answer from Jacob. She snorted unhappily and turned into the bedroom.

When she arrived at her bedroom, she opened the wechat group on a tablet computer. As soon as she sent an Emoji, she received a lot of congratulatory red packets.

"Congratulations, Nicole. You've become the hottest streamer tonight. You've got the most rewards!"

"Wow, wow, that's awesome. I didn't see the live streaming just now. Now I want to watch the rebroadcast and learn some experience!"

Nicole had just been frustrated by Jacob's words, and now she was in a better mood after hearing these compliments. However, she was a modest person after all. After she politely replied, Nicole turned off the group chat and opened the message from Alex.

As expected, Alex rebuked her immediately. She was not obedient that she didn't keep the man rewarding her and moving the atmosphere.

Letting Alex scold her for a while, Nicole picked up a less stupid reason and replied, "I was afraid that he will find out that we are all entrusted to him. He won't come again. Don't go too far. Don't exhaust him once.".

Alex: you are too naive. Even if you don't act this time, who knows if he will come to see you next time? There are so many anchors in this world. Do you know that he will make a fortune next time? We should catch all the chances.

Nicole: Well, I will pay attention to it in the future.

Alex: don't act recklessly in the future. Listen to me. I've taught a lot of people with me. I know the rhythm better than you.

Nicole: Ye

placent and said with a smile, "the new Internet celebrity sounds good."

Shrugging, Nicole said, "but I always feel that I am a swindler of money. I didn't do anything but let him spend so much money."

"Don't be so fussy. Maybe he doesn't lack money. Maybe he is happy to spend such a little money." With a smile on his face, Jacob stared at Nicole and said, "besides, there are a lot of people who reward you. Why are you only worried about this person?"

Nicole sighed, "you don't know, most of the rewards are paid by our company's water army. They gave the rewards in order to provoke BC-White and deceive him into giving the rewards."

The smile on Jacob's face froze when he heard the truth. In fact, he also felt strange, but he didn't take it seriously since Nicole was just a newcomer and the company would not hire the water army for her so soon. He didn't expect that those people were really the water army.

"Well, I think he is so stupid. He has been cheated by so much money."

Jacob calmed down soon. He asked Nicole, "so you could became the new Internet celebrity so soon just because of the reward from BC-White?"

Nicole nodded helplessly, "yes, That's right. He gave me a reward of about fifty thousand tonight, which shocked the company. They said that they wanted to give me more training. The result is good, but I really feel sorry for him. "

Although Jacob disliked being cheated, he was satisfied with the result.

Deep in his heart, he made up his mind that he would reward Nicole with a good reward next time.

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