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   Chapter 137 They Two Are Enamored.

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"A day together as couple means endless devotion. You and Austin used to be so kind to each other and Austin treated you so well. I think if you just have a little conscience, you won't bear to see it."

Nicole didn't say a word while Selina kept on preaching.

Nicole didn't open her mouth until Selina had no more to say.

"Selina Zhang, do you mean that I should forgive Austin and help him after he betrayed me, right?"

"shouldn't you?" Sensing that Nicole didn't speak in a tough tone, Selina continued to persuade her, "after all, Austin was very kind to you. He has gotten himself involved in the matter because he mistakenly believed in that bitch's lie. He has learned a lesson."

Nicole smiled and even calmed down. "It sounds pretty funny. Having an affair is not a big deal and it should be forgiven. Since it is forgiven so easily, how could you be beaten up by that boss' wife and into hospital? Why don't you ask that wife to forgive you since you are being her husband's mistress? "

Selina didn't expect that Nicole would put the blame on her, so she got angry from embarrassment, but Nicole didn't say anything wrong, nor wronged her.

She couldn't think of anything to retort and stammered.

"Ha ha. I have to say again. It's not called that he has learned his lesson. If he gets into the police station, he deserved it!"

"What's more, I haven't forgot what you did to my mother when she was in hospital. I hope you remember it, too!"

After that, without waiting for Selina's retort, Nicole hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, she put the number black.

Nicole was furious and annoyed. Her good mood was completely ruined by this call from Selina.

She really couldn't understand why there was such a person like Selina in the world. She took it for granted to ask others to serve her. If others didn't do that, they would be heartless?

What a bully.

In a panic, Nicole asked Lily to come over and told her what had happened on the phone.

Lily shook her head. She patted Nicole on the back of her hand and consoled her, "Miss. Nicole, don't get angry for such a person. It's not worth it."

"I know. But I just can't stand her anymore. Why do I have to listen to her? When my mother was ill in hospital, she came to the hospital and tried to provoke our family. Now that Austin had an acciden

t mess with that woman!"

"Why not?" Frank was confused.

"How should I know?" Bevis said with contempt. "Are you so hungry for women? You have a wide range of choices. Why this one?"

Frank was very upset when he was scolded, but before he could retort, Bevis said again.

"Okay, I'm leaving. Take your time. Be careful."

"Okay, bye."

After Bevis went far away, Frank touched his lips with his thumb and said to himself, "what do you know? She is really something! You are really a group of guys who don't know how to enjoy yourselves! "

Seeing that Bevis left, Sabina sat beside Frank, swinging her hips.

"Ah, what happened? I just left for a while. Who was so bold to make you angry?" Sabina asked flirtatiously.

Frank snorted, because what Bevis said that he didn't treat Sabina so kindly anymore.

However, Sabina had been playing with men for many years, so she knew exactly how a man like Frank could be pleased.

Especially since she knew the background of Jacob, she spared no efforts to improve herself in every aspect and practice seducing men.

"You're so mad!" said Sabina, blinking her big eyes which were delicately made up, and leaned over to Frank's ear, breathing hot air. "What about we change a quiet place and let me make you happy?"

Frank's eyes changed immediately. He grabbed Sabina by the arm and shouted at her ferociously, "what if I can not get happy?"

With a soft smile, Sabina touched Frank's chest with her red nails and said, "if you can not get happy, I'll do whatever you want to do with me."


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