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   Chapter 129 They Had Sex Last Night.

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Once people started to notice something was wrong, they would be able to find many clues that hadn't been found in the past.

Nicole skimmed the reports about Jacob one by one. The more she read, the more suspicious she felt.

For example, last time, when Jacob was on a business trip, he had brought her along. And during the whole trip, he didn't bring any other women except for work and they always stayed together.

But according to the news report, it was about the traveling of Jacob and Kayla, as well as several blurred pictures of the airport.

What made it more puzzling was that no one came out to clarify the scandal, including Jacob and Kayla. All of them chose to stay silent.

Such a silence, in the eyes of the media and outsiders, meant approval.

Nicole couldn't help but wonder if Jacob and Kayla were really lovers just as the media described.

But she had been with Jacob for some time and never heard him mention anything about Kayla. He didn't even answer Kayla's phone, either.

It was a bit odd, wasn't it?

Could it be that she had a crush on Jacob? Did she think that having news with Jacob could help her gain the public attention?

The more Nicole thought about it, the more determined she was. She shook her head and tried to drive those thoughts out of her mind. She planned to find a chance to ask Consuela about it.

Consuela paid close attention to gossip news. She might get some information from her.

With this in mind, she turned off the gossip news and continued to watch the video about how to make cake.


Sitting in the bathtub, Consuela sat cross legged, lost in thought.

There were hickeys all over her body. Obviously she had gone through a hot lovemaking.

"Knock, knock, knock --"

There was a knock on the bathroom door.

Consuela jerked her head away and stared at the entrance.

"Here's the food. Take a shower and come out to eat."

idn't like her.

Consuela swallowed the bitterness in her heart as the meal tasted awful.

With her head down, she sent the food into her mouth, pretending not to care.

No one spoke during the meal. As they finished their meal quietly, Bevis took the initiative to clean up the trash and began to talk slowly.

"Do you want to sleep a little longer or should I send you back now?"

Consuela bit her lower lip, and after a long pause, she said slowly, "I'll take a rest. I'll go back by myself later."

Bevis nodded and said, "Okay, I'll pay for the room. Have a good rest and take care of yourself."

"…… OK. "

After saying that, he picked up his coat and was about to go out, but he suddenly stopped and turned to look at Consuela, frowning. "About last night..."

"Last night was an accident!" Consuela cut in before he could finish.

"Well, have a good rest."

Bevis opened the door and left.

Consuela heard when she said that was an accident, Bevis heaved a sigh of relief.

His action was just like a steel hammer, pounding heavily on Consuela's heart. Her heart was badly mangled.

A mocking smile appeared on her face.

In fact, when seducing Bevis, she knew that this would be the end, didn't she?

But why? Why would she take a chance?

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