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   Chapter 73 The Hot Swimsuit

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Because it was a domestic short journey, the plane landed in less than two hours.

Without saying a word, Nicole followed Jacob and looked around. She was so ignorant.

Fortunately, she had a pretty face, so these stupid movements would not seem to be soil, but kind of lovely.

In order to satisfy Nicole's curiosity, Jacob didn't go to the hotel directly, but asked the driver to drive a few more circles, showing the customs and culture of the whole city to Nicole.

Of course, Nicole didn't know that.

Nicole didn't know the way. She thought the hotel was far away from the airport, so the car took such a long time.

An hour and a half later, the car finally stopped at the door of the hotel.

The assistant Nicole had met at the airport before was now standing outside the hotel. The assistant bent over to open the car door for him.

"Mr. Jacob, the meeting is set at four o'clock in the afternoon. And we have already set the time for the two dinner parties after the meeting, seven o'clock and nine o'clock."


Jacob strode into the hotel, while Nicole also got off the car and rushed after him.

It seemed that they had already booked a room. The assistant led Jacob to the elevator. Nicole stood there, biting her lips.

Although it was embarrassing to be with Jacob, she didn't want to be left alone because this was a strange city. When she arrived, she couldn't find the way back.

The room Jacob booked was a presidential suite. There was a small swimming pool on the balcony outside the room. Even Nicole who had never seen it noticed the luxury.

"Mr. Gu, they will explain the program to you later. And we can make a detailed analysis according to the present data..."

The assistant held the notebook and explained the meeting which Jacob was going to attend. Nicole shrugged and slipped into the bedroom.

She lay in the wide round bed and stared at the expensive crystal chandelier above her, lost in thought.

It seemed that Jacob came here for business.

Although it was uncomfortable for her to be with Jacob, after all, it

dress and jewelry for the guests in this room.

Nicole searched for bathing suits in the wardrobe and found all sorts of bathing suits there.

They were all three-point bathing suits. Nicole stared at them for a while and decided to dress up and change it before Jacob came.

She didn't want Jacob to think that she was deliberately seducing him.

Nicole recalled her assistant's schedule in the daytime. The last dinner Jacob would have was at 9 p.m., so when he came back, it would be at least 10 or 11 p.m.

As long as she changed her swimsuit before that, she would be fine.

Nicole checked the time on her phone. It was eight o'clock. There was still more than an hour left.

She happily took a shower in the bathroom and changed into her swimsuit.

The swimsuit was so hot that even Nicole felt a little embarrassed to watch it herself.

The thin straps were wrapped with a few small pieces of cloth, making people unable to resist the fear that they would break at any time.

Nicole took a deep breath and jumped into the swimming pool to overcome her embarrassment.

She hadn't been in the water for a long time. After swimming several times in the small swimming pool, she gradually found the fun and let go of herself.

After she checked the time, it was nine o'clock. When she decided not to swim again, a click suddenly opened the door of the hotel room.

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