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   Chapter 68 You Bastard!

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The servants looked at each other and said with embarrassment, "Miss Du, we really don't know where our Mr. Jacob is."

"Then call him and ask when he will be back."


The servants couldn't call Mr. Jacob when there was no serious matter. After all, it was highly possible that Mr. Jacob was busy and they shouldn't disturb him.

The current situation was far from that.

"Miss Du, go upstairs and have a rest. Mr. Jacob may come back soon."

The words were clearly coaxing.

Nicole didn't debunk their lie but said, "then you can go to rest. I will wait for him here."

"Miss du..."

"Go to rest. Don't worry about me." Nicole buried her head in her arms and stopped talking.

It was impossible for a servant to really go to bed since she just sat here. But the servants had to do something the next day, so they couldn't make it without a rest.

Therefore, they exchanged their plans and arranged some people to take care of Nicole every few hours, in order to make sure nothing would go wrong.

Nicole was not in the mood to care about this. She sat with her arms around her knees, absent-minded all night.

The servants had thought that when she couldn't endure the sleepiness, she would get up to rest, or at least fall asleep. But they didn't expect that Nicole just sat there and didn't sleep all night.

Until the gate of the villa was open, Jacob was back.

Nicole stood up suddenly, only to find that her legs were completely numb and she had already lost consciousness.

She fell straight down to the ground.

Luckily, the servant was quick to support her.

This scene was seen clearly by Jacob, who just came in. He strode over and took Nicole from the servant.

"What are you doing?" Jacob said angrily.

Nicole wanted to say something, but the sour and numb of her legs were so uncomfortable that she o

isunderstood and hurried to explain.

What a discomfiture!

Jacob's heart twisted, but he didn't show it on the face. He slowly straightened up, and the smile on his face disappeared, jumping out word by word.

"You! No! Way!"

Nicole couldn't suppress her anger anymore. She grabbed a vase on the bedside table and hit the wall.

"Jacob, you bastard!"

After that, she suddenly jumped off the bed and picked up a piece of broken porcelain, then she said to Jacob, "I want to go home."

"What? You want to kill me?" Jacob squinted his eyes and then mocked.

Nicole bit her lip so hard that it was bleeding.

"Don't force me." As she spoke, she put the debris on her neck.

A flicker of astonishment and panic flashed across Jacob's eyes, but he quickly suppressed it and put on an indifferent attitude.

"Are you threatening me?" Jacob smiled and said, "Even you got hurt or death today. Do you think it can affect me? If anything bad happens to you, your family will be the one who get hurt most. "

Nicole's face changed.

Jacob noticed her change and continued, "your brother is just a junior high school student. If something bad happens to you, he should be unable to go back to school. As for your mother..."

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