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   Chapter 66 Jacob, You Understand

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With tears welling up in her eyes, Daisy timidly looked at Albertan, and said, "I just saw a woman in Jacob's villa. She not only gave me a bad look, but also satirized me that I was even not as good as a mistress!"


"Exactly. Mrs. Albertan, you know I went to university and was well-educated. How could I speak in that way!"

As Daisy spoke, she peeped at Albertan, sobbing from time to time.

Albertan also heard of the romantic affairs her son had with other women these days. But he was always her beloved son. As long as he didn't get into any trouble, she didn't want to get involved.

What's more, compared to Mr. Jack's hard-blooded method, Mrs. Albertan was gentle. She still hoped that her son could find the woman he really liked and get happiness.

But considering this, she seemed to have to do it.

"Daisy, don't cry. If someone dares to be so arrogant, I will definitely help you. We Gu family can't allow that kind of woman to act wildly!"

Daisy sniffed and put her arm around Albertan's shoulder. "I feel relieved with your words."

"All right, all right. Stop crying, or your face will be messy."

Then, Daisy accompanied Albertan for a long time before she left. As soon as she left, Albertan called Jacob.

When the call came, Jacob just finished it with Nicole. Leaning against the head of the bed, he stared at Nicole who had fallen asleep.

His fingers nibbled through Nicole's long black hair.

Suddenly, his phone buzzed in the long pants scattered on the floor.

Jacob reached out his hand and took out his cell phone. When he saw the number, the careless expression on his face immediately disappeared. He stood up and walked into the bathroom.

"Mom, what's wrong?" Jacob said in a somewhat soft tone.

"Jacob, what are you doing now? Are you busy?"

Jacob put on a bathrobe and looked at himself with scratches in the mirror. "I'm at home.

from Jim.

"Mom said you went to a blind date? What happened? "

Nicole hurriedly wrapped herself with quilt and got out of bed. When she found her clothes, they were completely damaged.

They were crumpled or without bottoms.


Nicole was anxious, but she didn't know what to do. If she was dressed in this, people would look at her when she walked out.

After thinking about it for a few seconds, Nicole cast a glance at Jacob's closet and came up with an idea.

All the clothes of Jacob were big. It was strange to wear his, but it was better than wearing her own shabby clothes.

With this thought, Nicole opened the closet of Jacob.

She was startled.

A line of business suit were hung in Jacob's closet, which color ranged from deep to light. Then a streams of white shirts were neatly ironed, just like the shelves in high-end shopping malls.

A row of casual sportswear and T-shirts were hung in the separated Plaid on the far right, which looked more common and the style of a young man.

Nicole stood on her toes and picked up a light gray T-shirt. She put on the shirt, but she helplessly found that it was too large, and the lower hem was almost close to her knees.

If she didn't feel ashamed, she wouldn't need to wear pants

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