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   Chapter 60 Give Her A Warning

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The annual "green vision" charity banquet had invited major celebrities from various fields, including Jacob and some high-level scholars and media journalists.

As the luxurious crystal chandelier lights were shining, various kinds of evening dresses were served on these young men and women, each holding a glass full of champagne to refill their glasses, while a trace of flattery or complacency was revealed on their faces.

Kayla was the happiest one among them. She raised her chin high and complacently received the envious and jealous looks from others.

Because her companion tonight was the only son of the Gu family, a well-known family in the A City, Jacob.

Kayla didn't expect to attend the party with Jacob.

She had just signed an advertisement of a industry owned by the Gu family. When she came over to take photos, she happened to meet Jacob. She was determined to be rejected, so she invited him to a party. She thought it was impossible, because Jacob had never appeared with any artists in the entertainment industry before, but unexpectedly, he agreed!

Although Jacob had been looking listless from the beginning to the end, she didn't care about it. She believed that as long as the investors and producer knew that she was his female companion, she would succeed.

Everyone in this world wanted to be connected with Gu family.

"Mr. Jacob, this is the director, Melody Qiu. I will cooperate with him for my next movie. He is also the best new director of this year." Kayla introduced all of the directors she knew to Jacob one by one.

Jacob's family didn't have much business relationship with entertainment industry, so he didn't know these people before. But today, he even greeted them with a smile.

Repressing the frustration in his heart, Jacob offered the greetings to Kayla, "I'm a little tired. Would you like to take a seat over there?"

Kayla was talking with a famous director in the movie circle and she was unwilling to leave. Seeing this, Jaco

cept this one, I can't let them decide it for me." Staring at the twinkling liquid in his glass, Jacob said in a determined tone.

"Are you not going to set yourself against your father, are you? If you really get him angry, things will be difficult to deal with..."Frank looked at Jacob in a worry.

As a friend who grew up with Jacob together, Frank knew how powerful Jacob's father, David was.

"Of course I won't try to beat him directly. But I can always try to beat him in a roundabout way," Said Jacob, grinning broadly.

Frank continued to guess, "for example, you took Kayla here on purpose today, so that the people who don't know you might think that you are close to each other. In addition, the identity of her actress is very convenient for you to spread the news and gossip. You don't have to do anything. You can give your fiancee a warning."

Speaking of Daisy, Jacob's face darkened. "I have warned her in person. If she doesn't know how to behave, then I'll do a show, let her see, and let my father see it too."

Frank understood what Jacob meant, so he said with a bitter smile, "what if she doesn't mind? You have so many women outside, but she still wants to marry you. Do you want to go in vain?"

"Her family would mind if she doesn't mind." Pursing his lips, Jacob said in an affirmative tone.

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