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   Chapter 59 You Make It For Me

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"I don't know. I answered the phone and told him you were sleeping, but he hung up the phone immediately. And the caller ID on the screen written in only a letter. I don't understand."

Nicole felt relieved. She took out her phone from her bag on the chair and found the call record.

The three missed calls. They were all from G.

It was Jacob.

Nicole felt lucky that she didn't write "Jacob" in her memo, otherwise, she would have been dead today.

"you'd better to call him back. Maybe he has something to tell you." Judy said it earnestly.

"Ah," Nicole replied, "well, I'll ask him why he called."

Nicole pretended to go to the bathroom and rushed into it. Then she dialed the phone.

After a few rings, the phone was connected.

"Hello..." Nicole said in a low voice, "I fell asleep, but my phone was not by my side."

Although Jacob had known it, Nicole still found a way to start a talk.

"Why did you go back?"


"Why did you sneak back so early?" Jacob repeated his words again.

Nicole took a deep breath with her teeth hurt. "My brother needs to go to school today. I have to make breakfast for him."

"Can't you buy breakfast for him?"

"Well This is... " Nicole didn't know how to explain this to Jacob. She couldn't tell this to Jacob that she couldn't let my mother know that she slept outside, so she had to come back early.

When Nicole was thinking hard about how to explain this to Jacob, he spoke again.

"Make it for me as well next time." His tone was firm as always.

Nicole dazed for a second. Before she could answer, Jacob had already hung up.

Hearing the busy tone, Nicole was confused. What was going on? There were servants in the villa which was as good as the chef in a five-star hotel?

Is it more delicious with what she could make? 'she wondered?

'I really don't know what's going on.'

Nicole didn't take Jacob's words seriously. She read a book after dinner and stayed at home until aft

he has a strong family background?"

"I'm not sure."

Nicole was telling the truth. She hadn't checked Jacob's family background intentionally, not because she didn't care, but because she didn't dare.

Back then, the Gu family made a bit of effort to force her to have no way to go. As a result, she had always been a shadow over the Gu family, and subconsciously she avoided something that made her afraid.

"Nicole, are you unhappy because of him?" Consuela asked in a low voice.

Nicole smiled, "of course not. How was your day at the party? Was there any handsome guy you like?"

"I was just too excited to meet Jacob. By the way, Nicole, I tell you that Jacob came with a female companion. Do you know who she is?"

Nicole's heart jolted. She couldn't help but squeeze the cellphone.

Female companion?

She must be Jacob's fiancee.

"You can't guess it, right? Let me tell you, it's Kayla!"

"Kayla?" Nicole asked in confusion, "How do you know it is Kayla?"

Consuela replied "I recognized her at the first sight. She is the famous actress Kayla who is an idol in the TV series. I didn't expect Jacob to have such a different taste for women now."

Nicole was a little surprised. She had thought that Jacob would take his fiancee.

She didn't expect that it would be someone else.

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