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   Chapter 58 Nicole, Shy-Shy

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

The whole night, Jacob was very excited. As if he had taken medicine to repeatedly drive Nicole on the verge of collapse.

In the end, if Nicole hadn't cried herself hoarse, Jacob would have to continue.

In the middle of the night, Jacob took Nicole to the bathroom and took a shower. They made love in the bathroom for a while, and then they went back to bed together, falling asleep. She should go back home early in the morning.

Nicole was so sleepy that she could hardly open her eyes, but she managed to cheer herself up. She found her cell phone and held it in her arms when the alarm clock buzzed.

She fell asleep as soon as she finished the thing.

When she woke up again, she was woken up by the vibration of the alarm clock in her arms.

Going back home early kept running in her mind. Nicole was sleepy for a while. She turned off the alarm and crept to bed.

Jacob suddenly turned over and let out a soft sweet noise. Nicole was so scared that her limbs were stiff and she dared not move.

She stood where she was for a moment and felt relieved when she made sure that Jacob was still in sleep and didn't wake up.

In the dim light, Nicole found her clothes in the messy clothes scattered on the ground. To her surprise, they were torn into shreds and she could not wear them at all.

Although Nicole also brought another set of clothes for changing, she was still a little unwilling that the clothes were torn.

Nicole took her clothes and handbags to the bathroom. She quickly changed her clothes in case of waking up Jacob. She wiped her face and walked out of the bedroom tiptoeing.

She thought no one would get up at this time, but to her surprise, the servants had already been preparing breakfast when she went downstairs.

"Good morning, miss."

Afraid of waking up Jacob, Nicole gave him a hush and asked in a low voice, "good morning. Did the driver get up?"

"He is up. Please wait for a moment, my lady. I'll ask him to come here."

"Thank you."

Nicole planned

quatted at the porch to change his shoes.

"Go to school and study hard. Don't have any bad ideas, okay?" Nicole scolded him with a straight face.

"Don't worry. I won't tell mom about this." Jim made a face and run away happily.

"What nonsense are you talking about?"

"What are you hiding from me?" Her mother's voice echoed behind Nicole.

Nicole was startled. She turned around and laughed. "Nothing. I was just joking with him. Mother, you got up so early."

"Well, get up and have a glass of water. You don't have to work. Why do you get up so early in the morning? You can go to sleep."


Afraid that her mother would find something wrong, Nicole rushed into the bedroom.

After she got into bed and tucked herself in, Nicole found her body sore and aching, especially at her waist. She felt too weak to move.

'Jacob, what a bastard.

I've told him, don't come again, and don't come any more. Such a beast!'

Nicole complained in her mind and fell asleep.

She didn't wake up until the noon. When she woke up, Judy had already prepared the lunch.

"Nicole, wash your face and come to have dinner. By the way, your phone is ringing all the time. I did answer it for you." Judy said casually after setting up the tableware.

Nicole was wide awake when she heard that. She screamed and looked at her mom nervously, "who was it?"

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