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   Chapter 55 Sabina! Stop it!

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Updated: 2020-03-24 00:22

Hearing her name called, Nicole didn't turn around, but continued to look at the clothes on the hanger as if she couldn't hear it.

"Nicole, you..."


Taking a cold look at Austin, Sabina walked towards Nicole and glanced around, pretending to be innocent, "ah, who are your guests today?"

Nicole smilingly turned around, looked at Sabina, and snapped back, "Sabina, is that all you can do to make me angry?"

Noticing that she failed to ridicule Nicole, Sabina gritted her teeth, pointed at the black dress that Nicole had been staring at and said to the saleslady, "I want to try this on."

"Okay." The shop assistant saw Nicole was just looking at the dresses and didn't intend to buy, so she took off the dress without asking Nicole's opinion.

Taking over the dress, Sabina strutted towards the fitting room like a peacock.

Nicole stood there for a few seconds and felt the heat from Austin's sights. She felt very uneasy.

As she was about to walk away, Austin took a step forward and grabbed her wrist.


Nicole had thought that she wouldn't be emotional in front of Austin, but the words she just heard still made her angry.

Previously, Austin took her family as a burden. Every time when she bought the nourishment for her family on every festival, she needed to consider Austin's emotion. Actually the nourishment only cost a little money.

However, now, Austin had brought Sabina here to buy over ten thousand worth of clothes without hesitation. By comparison, Nicole thought the marriage between them was so ridiculous.

"Let me go." With an indifferent face, Nicole didn't even bother to make a salute.

Austin stepped forward and held her more tightly. "Nicole, I have apologized to you for what my mother did last time. Please don't be angry with me."

"I'm not angry with you. Can you let go of me?" Nicole sneered, "you've been holding me like this al

u referring to?"

With Austin backing her up, Sabina looked complacent. "Don't worry. I'm talking about the person who has a guilty conscience."

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that Sabina was targeting Nicole. Consuela also sensed that. In a huff, she began to run towards her.

Nicole grabbed hold of Consuela's arm and said, "Consuela, go and pay for the dress. Just ignore her."

However, though Nicole didn't want to quarrel here, Sabina was even more arrogant.

"Well, Nicole, your guests are so mean to you that you can't even afford a dress?"

Her words were loud enough to be heard by other customers in the shop.

Even Austin's face changed. "Sabina! Stop it! "

"Are you still trying to protect her?" "Don't forget who gave you this job!"

All of a sudden, Austin's face turned red, but he seemed to be threatened by Sabina's words. Then he turned his head away, without saying anything.

"Hey, watch your mouth. Stop talking nonsense, or I'll slap you!" Consuela thundered as she dashed towards the girl.

Sabina became more and more excited. She pointed at Nicole and said with a false smile, "what your bestie has done is not pure. How can I keep my mouth clean? Don't you know that your sister has been dating some guests recently? "

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