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   Chapter 53 Arrange The Marriage For Her

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It took Nicole a while to realize what was going on.

"Sis, wash yourself, or mom and I will finish eating." Jim urged her outside.

Nicole held the phone in her hand and went out for breakfast without reading the text.

Nicole ate breakfast absentmindedly.

Although she implied herself not to think too much and not to care so much about Jacob, her brain seemed to be out of control and reminded her to check the message again and again.

Fortunately, early in the morning, Judy and Jim just got up. They were not so sober, so they did not find anything wrong with Nicole.

After breakfast, Judy began to exercise as the doctor instructed, while Nicole went out with a basket.

"Nicole, why do you go shopping so early?" The morning exercise aunt saw Nicole and greeted her with a smile.

Nicole smiled, "Well, food is fresh in the morning."

"You're so diligent."

"Go ahead, aunt. I'm going to buy some food."

Nicole was pulled back by the aunt.

"Aunt, what's wrong?"

"Nicole, well... I've heard about your family. You've suffered a lot these days. But don't be too sad. We still have a lot of things to go through in the future, right? "

This sudden visit confused Nicole, but she still politely nodded, "thank you."

"Nicole, it's not easy for you to take care of Jim and your mother now. Have you ever thought about finding another one?"


"My nephew is coming back from abroad these days. Would you like to meet him? He is in his early thirties this year and is doing scientific research. He is the same as you. He got divorced not long ago and has no children. "

Nicole smiled helplessly. She finally understood why she was suddenly asked so enthusiastically, as she was going to be her matchmaker.

"Okay, okay. You can go to the market first. Take your time to think about it. I won't force you to do anything about it. You can go now,"

She didn't even give Nicole a chance to refuse.

Nicole walked out of the housing es

, she gave up.

If he was in London, it should be three or four o'clock in the morning.

Jacob should be asleep now.

Nicole put the phone back to her pocket and went out of the kitchen to ask Judy and Jim to have dinner.

"Mom, Jim, it's time for lunch!"


Jacob threw his phone on the table fretfully and drained his glass in one gulp!

As soon as he got off the plane, he started to deal with his business. When he finished some work, he calculated the jet lag and immediately sent a message to Nicole. He thought he would get a reply when he was done with his work.

However, when he returned to the hotel, he checked his phone. There was no news from Nicole.

Jacob was worried about Nicole. Without hesitation, he dialed the phone.

As a result, there was nothing wrong and the woman was indifferent to him.

It made Jacob furious!

The more he thought about it, the more restless he became. At first, he felt anxious. Gradually, he also became fretful physically.

After he reunited with Nicole, he had sex with her regularly. Now he hadn't had sex for a week. He got a bit desire.

Feeling annoyed, Jacob put down the glass and called his assistant.

He wanted to see the woman who made him angry as soon as possible.

"Arrange all the meetings and schedules to tomorrow."

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