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   Chapter 52 It Was From Jacob

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In the evening, when Jim returned home, Judy scolded him with tears in her eyes again and then let the matter go temporarily.

Not only was Jim unwilling to talk back, but he also felt guilty to admit his mistake. He promised that he would study hard in the future so that his family would not worry about him.

Nicole was an adult now, and that two guys did not really do anything to her on that day. And because of this, her brother was obedient back to school, so from the analysis of the results, Nicole no longer cared about the two people who had hurt her.

She no longer cared about what had happened that day. But she still wanted those two people to be punished but to harm others.

What she was more concerned about is why Jacob knew about it.

'is it because the police department has begun to investigate the case after I call them? And it becomes a big issue, Then Jacob knows it inadvertently, so he shows an important attitude?'?

But when she thought deep, she found it inappropriate.

Nicole couldn't help but think of the incident that day. When she and Jim went back to their community, they saw Jacob at the gate.

She wondered whether it was a coincidence for Jacob to appear at such a time on that day. Or maybe he had already known something about it?

Nicole didn't want to ponder over such a simple thing in this way. However, after what had happened with Austin, she gradually realized that many things might be more complicated than she had imagined.

For example, Jacob's easy step could fire Austin from the job. And if he wanted, Austin could get a promotion and a pay rise by his one word..

Could ordinary people and ordinary businessmen do that?

Besides, the two policemen who came to the scene of the case called Jacob Mr. Jacob. So... It has not only involved a businessman.

Nicole was confused. She had a simple life and didn't even get involved in the intrigues between girls, let alone the power whirlpool.

It was true that Gu family had a powerful background. But years passed, she had never come into cont


He thought of Nicole.

'What is she doing now?'

Without his interruption and requirements, she should be happy to sleep well at the moment.

Although he knew it clearly, Jacob still felt a little depressed.

"Mr. Jacob? Mr. Jacob? "

Hearing this, Jacob came back to reality.

Jacob turned around and coughed. "Go on," he said seriously

"The stock market has not fallen into limit recently, but compared with before..."

This time, Jacob was distracted.

Nicole didn't remember how she fell asleep, but when she woke up, it was already the next morning.

The sunshine was shining golden when it passed through the gap of the curtain.

Nicole squinted her eyes, recalling what happened the whole night before, and stretched.

"Sister, are you up?"

There was a knock on the door from Jim.

"I'm getting up." Nicole replied and got up to change her clothes.

"Well, I have made breakfast for you. Come out to have breakfast since you get up."

Nicole couldn't help smiling. Although her brother was so considerate which worried her, she had to admit that sometimes his behaviors were really warm.

"I'll be out in a minute."

Nicole changed her clothes and folded the bed happily. She grabbed her phone and went out.

Nicole clicked the unlock button and was stunned after glancing at it.

An unread message.

It was from Jacob.

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