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   Chapter 51 Who Are You Looking For

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Consuela stayed at Nicole's house for one night and left the next day. She had a lot of work to do and couldn't stay there all the time.

Before Consuela left, she had made an appointment with Nicole to meet again.

After saying goodbye to Consuela, Nicole began to ponder on the matter that Consuela had proposed.

Although she was not a person in the front of era, she had always taken diligence as her advantage. As long as she decided to do something, she would take it seriously.

After cooking breakfast for her family in the morning, Nicole began to check online the livestream software about cooking and learn experience on the Internet.

"Nicole, what are you watching?" Judy saw her daughter sitting on the sofa with her mobile phone all day long, she couldn't help asking.

Nicole showed the video in her mobile phone to Judy, and said, "Mom, I saw someone cooking. Look, there are so many people watching here."

"Cooking online?" Judy shook her head and said, "I thought you looked so nervous just now. It's not so interesting to watching cooking."

Nicole smiled and didn't refute. She didn't explain why she wanted to watch it.

At present, it was not completely clear. If she rashly told her mother about it, her mother would definitely not understand.

Nicole found a lot of interesting things in the video, and she had learned many cooking tricks that she didn't know before.

After two consecutive days, Nicole had registered a account and began to try it.

She found a suitable place to put her phone right at the cutting board and then began to cook in order.

Since she didn't show up, she wasn't restrained any more. She cut the dish expertly and set the table expertly.

However, the number of spectators was not satisfying, with only dozens of people, not a single visitor from the beginning to the end.

Although Nicole knew all the difficulties with it, she was still a little discouraged as her visitor was

hing bad happens to you, how should I explain to your father?"

"Mom, don't cry. I'm really fine. Why are you crying?"

"You... You... "

Judy was about to pass out. Nicole quickly opened the drawer and took out the medicine. She gave her mother a glass of water and fed her.

After a long time, Judy recovered.

Nicole was scared to sweat. She looked at her mother who was safe and sound, feeling like a survivor of danger.

She looked at her pale faced mother and thought that her mother had been so shocked about this kind of thing. She really couldn't imagine the consequences if her mother knew what had happened between her and Jacob.

"Nicole, no matter what happens in the future, you have to tell me honestly, you can't hide it from me and lie to me, you know?"

Nicole didn't dare to answer because she was guilty.

"You know that? !" Judy stressed her voice and stared at Nicole.

Nicole was heartbroken by her mother's eyes. She could not say no at this time. She could only nod and said yes obediently, "I know."

Judy was so angry that she had no choice but to cry, "you silly girl, if you keep lying to me, I will be really mad at you."

"No, mom. I won't lie to you anymore."

Nicole lowered her head, feeling guilty.

Why is white lies so difficult and hurtful?

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