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   Chapter 49 Long Time No See, Nicole

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"How about Austin now?"

"Mr. Jacob, Austin has been taking care of his mother, Selina in the hospital. She was having a tryst with the owner of the store near her neighborhood. The news has been spread to the wife of the owner. That woman was so shrewish that she even stopped Selina on the road and injured her."

A moment later, Jacob said slowly, " the fish rots from the head. Keep an eye on them. If they dare to do anything bad again, report to me immediately."

"Yes, that... Is it necessary to arrange Austin to go back to his work? "

"That's right. I'll give him a promotion and a raise. This time, I want to make him have a fantasy."

Nicole couldn't help shivering when she heard Jacob's gloomy voice.

"Well, you can go about your business."


Nicole left in a hurry and walked quickly to the spiral stairs where she pretended to be standing there alone.

A man in a brown suit walked out of Jacob's office. When he passed Nicole, he just nodded at her politely and left without saying anything.

Nicole watched him leave, lost in thought.

She couldn't help thinking about the message she had just heard.

First of all, what surprised her most was that her ex mother-in-law, Selina had a lover outside, and she was a mistress!

This news was so explosive that Nicole couldn't believe it.

But when she tried to calm down a little, she thought of a lot of details that she had never noticed in the past.

For example, sometimes when Selina told Nicole that she wanted to go out to play cards, she would clean up for several hours in advance, she would take a bath, curl her hair, and she would specially change in bright new clothes.

Besides, Selina was always loud. But sometime she would pick up the phone stealthily, not letting Nicole hear her, not even allowed Austin to hear her.

At that time, although Nicole also felt that these behaviors were strange, she did not think it deep.

Thinking of this, Nicole believed that there must be an omen of having a mistress outside.

It never occurred to her that Selina would be someone's mistress when her son had an aff

ok so silly and pure."

Nicole laughed, "you haven't changed a lot as well, but you are more like an evil spirit since you were a child."

"Hey! How dare you talk to me like that! "

They both laughed, with tears in their eyes.

Consuela was Nicole's classmate from high school, and Nicole had the most fun time among her in high school. After all, Nicole studied very hard at high school and was not very interested in making good friends.

Then Nicole suddenly transferred to another school, so they communicated in letters. After they went into college, they were out of contact gradually.

It was the first time they had met since they parted in high school.

"At that time, you suddenly changed school and left. We didn't know why, but we really guessed it for a long time, thinking that you went abroad with Mr. Jack, but it turned out that you wrote to me and I knew that..."


Seeing her brother trotting towards her with a plate of fruits in his hands, Nicole gestured for Consuela to be quiet.

"Sister, you two have some apples." Jim replied obediently.

Consuela took the hint and stopped talking. She turned to look at Jim and asked him a few questions. The latter replied with shyness and politeness.

After Jim went back to his room for study, Consuela again grabbed Nicole's arm, her face full of curiosity and gossip.

"Nicole, don't your family know about this?"

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