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   Chapter 48 She Was Disappointed In Him

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Updated: 2020-03-22 00:12

With that, Daisy left sadly.

She was the only daughter of the Yu family, who was adored by men from all over the world. Since she was born, everyone had been around her.

However, she fell in love with Jacob, who was cold to her. She followed his steps and even convinced her father to cooperate with the Gu family, get close to him and get involved with him.

She even used all her strength to please Jacob's father so that his father could allowed her to be his daughter-in-law in Gu family.

But she didn't expect that Jacob's heart could be so cold.

No matter how much she had done for him, he was reluctant to take one more look at her!

Now he even took another woman home and humiliated her in front of that woman!

Daisy had never cried for love since she was a little girl. Now she was sitting on the bench, holding her face and crying.

She could not accept such an end!

"I'm going back."

In the dead silence, Nicole went down the stairs and walked towards the door of the villa step by step.

"What the hell are you doing?"

When Nicole was about to step out, Jacob said coldly.

Nicole turned to look at Jacob and said in a sad voice, "you should get your fiancee back."

Jacob's face changed. He narrowed his eyes and said, "dare you say that again?"

The servant withdrew with her hands down. There were only two people in the big living room now, Jacob and Nicole.

"Jacob, she is your fiancee. You shouldn't say that." Disappointment was written all over Nicole's face.

Yes, disappointed.

He has a fiancee, but he has affairs with other women, and he even said such harsh

There was still a faint scent of Lily in the room.

She didn't remember a servant cleaning the room. So, did Jacob do it last night?

Nicole got out of bed in disbelief. When her toes touched the ground, her legs became so weak that she almost fell to the ground.


Nicole thought for a while. When she got used to the pain, she stood up slowly and walked to the bathroom step by step.

After she washed her face and rinsed her mouth, she took her clothes out of her bag that she brought with her and put them on neatly. Then she opened the bedroom door and walked out.

It was quiet in the villa.

Nicole stood in a daze for a while. When she was about to go downstairs, she suddenly heard a voice not far from the room on the second floor.

Who is it?

She didn't think too much and walked quietly towards the voice.

She didn't mean to eavesdrop. But in such a quiet environment, she chose not to make any sound and did it unconsciously.

Nicole didn't notice that the door was half closed until she reached it.

Jacob's voice came from the door.

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