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   Chapter 46 Men Are All The Same

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Although Judy was not reconciled, she did not ask more as her daughter had something to say.

Nicole supported Judy to the room and told her about the stories that Jim wanted to make money to support their family. Judy burst into tears after hearing that.

"It's all my fault. I'm a good for nothing so I got you into trouble."

"Mom, you are awesome!" Nicole hugged Judy on the shoulder and said, "without you, our family would have collapsed already after dad left."

Judy sighed heavily, "if it weren't for that car accident, your father wouldn't have.... All of these were caused by that car accident! "

Since her father passed away, Nicole seldom talked with her mother about things with her father. Hearing her mother mention it, Nicole could not help asking the doubts she had hidden in her heart for many years.

"Mom, how did the car accident happen to dad?"

In Nicole's impression, her father was broad-minded and mild, who never lost his temper. Logically speaking, the possibility of a car accident was very small.

At that time, her father was sent to the hospital and failed to be saved. Nicole was sent to school by Judy before she could ask what had happened. And no one mentioned it any more in their family.

Judy kept silent for a while and shook her head, "actually, I don't know. The police said that it was possible to save him when he hit a truck with fatigue driving, but it was found too late and he lost too much blood, so he was unable to be saved."

"Then... Did they find the truck? Is it their fault or dad's? "

"No, they didn't find it. They said they couldn't find it out."

Looking at the pain and despair on her mother's face after so many years, Nicole finally understood why it was so difficult for her family since her father died.

A car accident happened and my mother not only lost her lover, but also didn't get any compensation.

How could a woman, who had lost her husband and had two children who needed money, enjoy the l

s time. At the worst, she could save Jacob's face.

After all, Jacob was her buyer. If she could make him happy, her own life would be easier.

As for herself, Nicole was actually missing Jacob, but she was too shy to admit it.

Since she had decided to look for Jacob, Nicole didn't want to waste her time anymore. She quickly made dinner, served Judy to sleep. Then she took a bath and changed her clothes, ready to go out.

"Come on, sister!"

When Nicole was changing her shoes at the door, Jim popped up and made a victory gesture.

Nicole felt that she was tricked when she saw the teasing smile on her brother's face.


It was not until she stood in front of Jacob's splendid mansion that she realized how shameful she had been.

What was wrong with her?

She would be laughed at by Jacob.

With this in mind, Nicole suddenly flinched.

'It was better to go back.'

She had been seldom happily when she was together with Jacob before. Maybe he had already got bored with her.

Nicole was lost in various fancies and conjectures.

"Jacob, calm down. Listen to me. I don't have to..."

A woman's voice attracted Nicole's attention.

It seemed that she had heard it before?

Nicole was lost in thought when the iron gate in front of her was suddenly opened and several people came out.

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