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   Chapter 45 Flattering No Way!

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Outside the conference room, when Jacob heard the news from the other side of the phone, he was so angry that he almost wanted to crush his phone.

"Mr. Jacob, I'm sorry. We are too careless this time. It never occurred to us that this would happen in such a short time."

Jacob's eyes were as cold as ice, and his words even made people tremble with fear. "Go and investigate the two people. If you mess them up again, then break up by yourself."


After hanging up, Jacob leaned against the wall and fell into a daze.

He could hardly imagine what he would do if Nicole died in that dirty and messy place.

That was too much for him.

All his concerns and concerns that had been suppressed these days all came out when he heard this bad news, shouting and surging from his chest.

'In this world, no one else could give her accident and make her suffer, except me. I should be the only giver!'

Jacob's face changed. At last, he waved his hand to the assistant waiting aside and ordered coldly.

"The meeting is cancelled. Wait for my further notice."

Then he strode out of the company.

Without thinking for a second, Jacob picked up the car from the garage and rushed all the way to the gate of Nicole's house.

He didn't come to his senses until the car stopped slowly.

At the moment when he was a little confused, he saw Nicole.

Nicole and Jim passed by his car side by side. They were about to enter the community.

Jacob honked the car horn subconsciously.

"Beep -"

"Beep -"

Nicole turned her head and stopped when she saw the people in the car.

Jacob was motionless, just like a nerd, staring at Nicole.

He saw Nicole lowered her head and saw her take out the phone from her bag and type on the phone with her fingers.

When Nicole raised her head, his phone rang for new message.

He glanced at Nicole and turned on the phone.

"I have something to deal with at home today, so I'm sorry that I can't keep you company. I'll come to you tomorrow, ok

icole held Jim's hand and walked home, feeling uncertain.

Although she didn't know why Jacob would come here at this time, she still took the risk of refusing him.

She was not in the mood to deal with Jacob at this moment, no matter for her brother or for herself.

Although, it was obvious that Jacob had left.

Nicole was a little worried whether he would come back and she would be tortured again.

Knowing nothing about the complex entanglement in Nicole's mind, Jim didn't say anything when he saw his sister's pale face.

When they got home, Judy rushed to Jim and held him in her arms with red eyes.

"You're such a naughty child. I'm so worried about you. Why did you just run out like that? You scared me to death!" With tears rolling down her face, Judy rubbed Jim from head to toe and heaved a sigh of relief after making sure that his arms and legs were all right.

Jim peeped at Nicole, who shook her head slightly.

They had discussed on the way that they couldn't let Judy know what had happened on the construction site.

"Jim, tell me, why don't you go to school? Where have you been these days?"

Seeing that her brother could not speak, Nicole hurriedly held Judy and winked at her, "Mom, you have been worried for the whole day. I will help you to rest and let Jim eat something."

"Oh... Fine. "

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