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   Chapter 43 Help! Help!

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A loud sound slap was heard in the face of Jim, who was knocked sideways.

They were both surprised.

Nicole came back to her senses and stroked her brother's face with her trembling finger. "I'm sorry, Jim. I'm sorry. I'm too anxious. I didn't mean it."

Turning his head aside, a drop of tear fell down from the corner of his eye.

"I'm sorry, Jim. I shouldn't have slapped you. Jim..." Nicole watched the scene, heartbroken. It was more painful than being slapped on her face.

"Sis, I'm not going to school,"

In such a case, Jim still insisted on his own idea.

Nicole had never seen her brother this stubborn. She couldn't force his brother, so she was too angry to say a word.

"As long as I stay at the classroom, thinking that you have borrowed so much money for me and you and mom tried your best to save money while I can't do nothing, I can't calm down to study. I won't listen to you this time, sis. "

Jim held his schoolbag and rushed downstairs.

It took Nicole two seconds to react and she chased after him immediately.

Unfortunately, she was not as fast as Jim. With slippers on, she ran out and couldn't see her brother.

Nicole stamped her feet and went upstairs to change her shoes.

"Nicole, where is Jim?"

Nicole changed her shoes and clothes and was about to go out when Judy opened the bedroom door and came out.

"Mom, you are awake."

"Where's Jim? Is he still asleep?" Then Judy turned around and walked towards Jim's room.

Nicole sighed.

As Judy saw there was no one in Jim's room, she became anxious. "Where is Jim? Where had he been in such an early morning? Or he didn't come back last night? "

"Mother, don't be angry." Nicole hurried to comfort her mother. "Jim came back last night. I taught him a lesson just now, and he ran out in anger."

"What? Where did she go? It's so dangerous outside. Is he alri

bout a young boy.

Not long after, Nicole knew where her brother worked.

Behind a vacant house, Jim, in his dirty clothes and his broken sneakers, was wielding his shovels to whirl a pile of cement.

In the blazing sun, Jim's face was covered with sweat and his clothes were wet. He stirred hard as he wiped his face with the towel hanging around his neck.

Nicole stared at him blankly with tears in her eyes.

Her beloved younger brother was still so young, with tender skin and flesh, but he did such heavy manual work here.


Nicole just said one word, before she could step forward, her mouth was suddenly covered.

She stunned for a moment and then realized that she was just being dragged backward.

"Hmm... HMM... " Nicole struggled to push his hand away and kicked him away.

Unfortunately, due to the great disparity in strength, the person behind her was not affected at all.

Nicole didn't know what happened until she was thrown to the ground.

"Shh, don't scream."

Nicole looked up and saw two men with bare arms and a swarthy face staring at her.


The shorter man praised and raised his dirty hand to touch Nicole's face.

"Help! Help! "

She instinctively retreated and cried out.

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