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   Chapter 42 Jim, Why

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Jim was devouring the rice. When he saw his sister was flipping through her schoolbag, he got flustered.

There weren't many books in his bloated schoolbag, which contained his dirty clothes and a pair of worn sneakers that he had taken off in the construction site.

"Sister, what are you doing?"

Thrown the bowl away, Jim rushed to grab his schoolbag, but he was one step behind, the broken sneakers rolling out and pinched in Nicole's hands.

"What's this?" Nicole asked with a sullen face.

"They got dirty when I was playing basketball. I ... I'll wash it later. " Jim avoided eye contact with her, daring not look straight into her eyes.

Nicole also took out the dirty clothes and pushed it towards Jim's chest. "What about these? Were they also dirtied by playing basketball?"

Jim scratched his head and stammered, "this... I I accidentally stained it. Is there anything wrong... "

Nicole was so angry that the blue veins stood out on her forehead.

"Don't you tell me the truth? How long do you want to deceive me that you haven't gone to school? The head teacher has come to our house. "

Jim glanced at Nicole quickly and then lowered his head when he saw there was disappointment in Nicole's eyes.

"Tell me, where have you been since you didn't go to school these days?"

Actually, looking at the dirty clothes and shoes in her brother's schoolbag, Nicole had a guess. But she couldn't guess it alone. She had to hear it from Jim.

Jim lowered his head, without saying a word.

"Say something!" Nicole gave him a hard push.

"Sis, I'm not a child anymore. I know what I'm doing. Just leave me alone!" Grabbing his schoolbag from Nicole's hand, Jim got into his room and closed the door.

Nicole rushed over and stopped when her hand was about to touch the door.

If she and Jim quarreled at this time, their mother in the next room would be awakened. If their mother woke up, they couldn't sleep well tonight.

"Jim, come out. I want to talk to you!" Nicole growled through th

, but calmly looked into her eyes, with the unique stubbornness of the young boy shining in his eyes.

"I want to make money."


"Sis, I want to make money. I want to raise you and your mom. I want to protect you and your mom."

Jim was serious. Hearing that, Nicole burst into tears.

This was the first person who had said that to her in the world.


Nicole wiped her tears, took the schoolbag from his hand and said stubbornly, "no, you need to study hard since you are at the age of studying now."

"Sister, I don't want to go!"

"You must go!" Nicole roared, "you are still young. No company dares to hire you. Hiring you is illegal. Those companies which would hire you are either irresponsible or just want to hire cheap employees. Don't you know that? "

Jim could not find any word to retort. Every time he went out to look for a job, all the workers would say the same words. Hearing that he was still a child, they would not give him any chance at all. He looked for a long time to find a construction site for him to work on, but he could only do the dirty and hard work.

But Jim didn't want to give up.

He was the only man in the family, and he couldn't let his mother and sister both support the family.

"Sister, you can't force me to go to school. I can escape if I go there."

"Snap -"

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