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   Chapter 41 Sister, What Are You Doing!

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"Being a mistress is not the most pathetic. What is the most pathetic is being a mistress who is abandoned." Nicole raised her head and looked at the straight road with a bitter smile.

It was almost noon when Nicole returned home.

As soon as she entered home, Jim, who had been squinting at her, whispered to her, "sister, don't worry. Mother didn't know you went out."

Nicole was suffering a lot. Seeing her brother defending her like this, she felt even more bitter.

"Come on, go to mom's room and show up." Jim put the apron on her quickly and pushed her into mom's bedroom.

Mrs. Judy was reading a pile of leaflets on the bed, with a pen in her hand, and drawing.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Nicole took a deep breath and went to her mother.

Mrs. Judy smiled, pointed at the leaflets and said to Nicole, "the supermarket on the West Street is doing a sales promotion. I'll pick out the things we need. Go with Jim when you are free and buy all the things we need back."

Nicole cast a glance at the leaflets. The products chosen by her mother were all cheap tissues and vegetables.

"Mom, don't worry about that. It won't save you much money. You have only recovered a little. Don't read too much. It may do harm to your eyes."

"You don't know it, it can be much cheaper, I have remembered the discount time of the supermarket around. Take it seriously and it will help us save a lot of money a year."

Seeing the serious look on her mother's face, Nicole was a little sorrowful.

Her mother had been leading such a hard life all the time. Even if she married to Austin, her family was not getting better.

She had sworn not to let her mother suffer, but in the end, she failed.

"You don't need to buy this mop. I'll ask Jim to find some old clothes tomorrow. After cutting these clothes, I'll make some mops for us. It's not different from what we bought in the supermarket." Mrs. Judy was still reading the leaflets.

Nicole didn't want to see that. She took the leaflets from Mrs. Judy's

about him. Don't make him take a wrong path."

"I see. Thank you so much for coming."

The head teacher left with a friendly smile. After Nicole sent the head teacher away and closed the door, Mrs. Judy, who had been silent all this time, slapped hard on the table.

"Nonsense! Why doesn't he go to school? "

Nicole saw that her mother was out of breath, she hurried to help her, "mother, don't be so angry. Jim is a good boy and won't do anything bad. I guess he has something difficult to do, so he didn't go to school. We know nothing about it. Don't jump to the conclusion so soon."

Mrs. Judy gasped for breath, "make sure to ask him when he comes back!"

Tonight, Mrs. Judy didn't go to bed. She stubbornly sat on the sofa, holding her arms and waiting for Jim.

Seeing her mother stay up late, Nicole was distressed. She put the sleeping pills into the water and coaxed her to drink them.

Mrs. Judy was not in good health, so she dozed off soon. Nicole softly carried her to bed.

At half past ten, Jim entered the house on time.

"Sister, I'm starving. What are we going to eat tonight?" Jim threw his schoolbag on the sofa and went straight to the kitchen.

Without saying a word, Nicole went straight to the sofa, grabbed his schoolbag and began to look through it.

"Sis, why did you rummage through my schoolbag?"

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