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   Chapter 40 I'll Take Care Of You

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The girl could easily recognize that the room card belonged to a five-star hotel on the top floor, and she replied "yes" in a low voice to Frank. She helped Jacob get out of the door of the bar and take the elevator to go upstairs.

Frank squinted when he saw them leaving.

Others might not know, but he was clear that it was he who pushed the tide at the moment.

Jacob was upset because of a girl. So he said it deliberately to humiliate Jacob. Then he arranged a girl come here to divert Jacob's attention. And everything would be clear if Jacob would got drunk.

As for the reason why he did it, it was very simple.

Jacob grew up with him. They were the strongest among his peers. Others didn't know, but he knew exactly what happened years ago.

That woman almost destroyed his buddy's life.

He didn't recognize the woman when she came to the bar last time. After all, it had been a long time since he saw her last time, and he didn't have the slightest idea of her appearance.

Even if thinking Jacob was a little abnormal, he thought that Jacob must have something on his mind.

A few days ago, he wanted to ask Jacob out for dinner, but he was refused by Jacob over and over again. Then he vaguely heard from Jacob's driver that Jacob was having a date with the woman named Nicole.

At that time, he was curious about who could attract his best friend like this. So by the way, he checked it. He did not expect that it was still the girl at that time!

Frank knew well about Jacob. Although Jacob had been with other women these years, he had never fallen in love with anyone of them, which was enough to show his stubbornness.

However, his understanding for Jacob didn't mean that he could let the relationship between Jacob and that girl go on like this. Frank couldn't bear to see his best friend being hurt and tortured by love again.

Therefore, when Frank heard that Jacob was in a bad mood, he arranged this party tonight for Jacob at once.

He did all these just to make Jacob give up his obsession with Nicole!

Jacob knew nothing


The servant shook her head and answered, "no, he didn't come back yet last night."

"Okay, I see. I don't want to have breakfast. I'm going to bed." Nicole ordered the servants to leave and went back to the bedroom to rest her head on the bed, with her arms around her legs.

She couldn't see the expression on her face, but she knew that it was not that good-looking.

She was wondering whether Jacob was with another woman.

Last night, Jacob was so angry that he might turn around to another gentle place for comfort and stay there overnight.

However, what made Nicole depressed was that even if the fact was as she thought, she could do nothing about it.

She had to be only responsible for him staying in the Jacob's house, because Jacob bought her. But in contrast, Jacob could buy a lot of women.

She had no right to ask whether Jacob was with someone else.

She was not reconciled.

Nicole sat there with her arms around her knees for a while. The sun shone through the window and into the bedroom.

Bu Jacob still hadn't come back yet.

Well, she didn't have to wait any longer.

Nicole smiled with self mockery, picked up her bag and left the villa.

This time, she didn't get a driver to send her back since Jacob wasn't at home.

Nicole walked along the road. The sun was shining on her bare neck, which made her feel a sharp pain.

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