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   Chapter 38 The Scene Was Extremely Irritating.

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If Nicole just met Jacob, she would definitely not speak one more word. But after this period of getting along, she was not so afraid of Jacob, and she even subconsciously believed that she could communicate with Jacob well.

So Nicole smiled and stood up, then sat next to Jacob. She said in a very gentle tone, "How can I plead for a person like him? I just think what he is doing has nothing to do with me, so there is no need to get involved with him."

"Humph!" Jacob snorted. He didn't even lift his head. Apparently, he didn't believe her words.

Nicole knew that as long as she told Jacob about what Selina had done to her this afternoon, he might not be so angry.

But she didn't dare to tell him.

Since Austin had lost his job, there was unnecessary to make things worse. She knew that, according to Jacob's bad temper, he would certainly do more ruthless things to make the Liang family have no way out. She didn't want that to happen.

It was not because how great she was, but because there was no need to do this.

"It's unnecessary for us to waste our time on them, isn't it?" Nicole was just telling the truth according to Jacob's temper. Suddenly, the phone on the table rang.

They both looked at the name of Austin showed on the screen.

The scene was extremely irritating.

Nicole was startled and hurried to get the phone. But before she could do that, Jacob stretched his arm and held the phone in his hand first.

Jacob glanced at Nicole coldly and answered the phone.

"Nicole, Nicole."

Nicole was about to reply Austin, but was stopped by Jacob who cast a cold glance at her.

"I know you are listening. If you don't want to talk, just listen to me."

"Nicole, I shouldn't have called you, but I can't help it. I'm looking at our previous wedding photos, and they were really good. At that time, we were really happy. Oh, well, I know you don't like to listen this. Nicole, I don't know what your

down now. Why do you have to pick on Austin? I've already told you that he is... "

"So, are you distressed that I have picked on Austin?" Jacob turned around and pinched Nicole's chin. He squeezed her jaw so hard that her jaw was almost out of shape.

Nicole gasped in pain. She struggled and tried to free herself from Jacob's grip.

"Well, then I'll let you care for him as long as you want!"

Jacob sneered and shook Nicole off. He left after saying that.

Nicole staggered and fell to the ground. It took her a long time to recover.

Why did it get so bad.

She sat on the ground for a long time before she staggered to get up.

It was too late. Her brother would certainly doubt her if she came back now. Nicole sat blankly for a while, then went upstairs, washed her face and went to bed.

The servants in the Gu family were all well-trained. Although Nicole quarreled with Jacob just now, they still show respect to Nicole. Before Nicole went to sleep, they also asked her if she wanted to eat some night snack.

Nicole asked the servant to leave, wrapping in a quilt, and stared at the ceiling blankly.

A sense of powerlessness streaked across her heart, and her heart was desolate. 'How could I make a mess of everything? Whatever it was.

Am I really so useless.'

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