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   Chapter 37 I Feel Guilty

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Nicole stared at the screen for a few seconds and picked it up.

Even if Jacob didn't come to her, she would call him. She couldn't just let what happened to Austin.


"What are you doing?" Jacob asked coldly.

Nicole went back to the kitchen with her phone and checked if the water was ready. She replied, "yes, I'm preparing the dinner."

After a while, when Nicole was wondering if Jacob had hung up the phone, she heard him saying, "do you want to accompany your mother tonight?"

Seldom, it was not an order, but a probing and inquiry.

Nicole was about to say something, but she suddenly changed her tone, "it's okay, Jim will accompany her tonight."

"When will you come over then?"

Nicole thought for a while and replied, "I have had dinner with my mother. I want to wait till her to sleep, okay?"

She said it very carefully, fearing that Jacob would change his mind and say no.

But today, it seemed that Jacob was in a good mood and didn't lose his temper. Hearing Nicole's question, he surprisingly nodded.

After saying that, he said considerately, "Okay, I'll ask the driver to wait for you downstairs."

"No need!" Nicole refused before thinking twice.

"What?" A displeased voice came from Jacob on the other end of the line.

Nicole knew that this tone was just a sign of Jacob's unhappiness. She hurriedly explained, "there are many uncle and aunt exercising at night in the community. When they see me go out, they keep asking me about it. It's a waste of time. I'll take a taxi myself, or you can ask the driver to wait for me outside the community."

"…… I'll pick you up outside. " Without asking more questions, Jacob hung up the phone.

Nicole put the phone in her pocket and sighed with relief.

"Sister, are you going out tonight?" Out of nowhere, Jim looked at Nicole curiously.

Nicole was a little embarrassed when she was discovered by her brother. But since her brother had heard it, she could not hide it any more. So she to


Nicole put down her phone as she thought about this. Then she raised her head and looked at Jacob.

After staring at him for a while, Jacob raised his head slowly to look at Nicole and asked, "do you have something to say?"

Nicole bit her lips and thought for a while. She then nodded her head after she made sure that Jacob seemed to be in a good mood and that he wouldn't be angry about what she heard.

"Go ahead," Jacob closed the folder in his hand and threw it on the table.

Nicole took a deep breath and stammered, "well Austin lost his job About this Do you know? "

The corners of Jacob's mouth drooped. He pursed his lips and said unpleasantly, "is that all you want to say to me?"

"I I just want to ask. " Nicole didn't expect that Jacob would react so violently, so she was terrified.

"Really?" "Are you coming here to talk about this with me tonight?" Jacob continued with a sneer

Nicole hesitated for a second and was about to refute, but was interrupted by Jacob.

"I knew you came here for him. Yes, I was the one who made him lose his job. Are you trying to intercede for him?"

It was really Jacob!

A tinge of sadness flashed across Nicole's eyes. She bit her teeth and said, "I'm not speaking for him. I just feel that it's unnecessary..."

"You're interceding for him."

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