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   Chapter 36 Teach Her A Lesson!

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Nicole was uncertain with what she thought about. When Selina saw Nicole's contemplative expression, she believed that Nicole acquiesced in her words.

"Is that so? I warn you that you'd better to ask your wild men to return my son's work as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will die in front of your house. I won't let you go even if I was being a ghost!"

Then she was pulled out by Austin.

The police had no way to solve such kind of quarrels in family dispute. Nicole sat in her chair for a while. The policeman who was responsible for mediation walked over and handed her a cup of hot tea.

"I'm really sorry. We can't meddle in this matter,"

Nicole forced a smile and nodded, "I do understand. Thank you."

"But if they do anything to threaten your family's personal safety or wear any weapons, you must call us at once, and we will try our best to protect you."

"Yes, I understand."

The policeman was living in Nicole's block as well. From the conversation he had just heard, he could roughly figure out what was going on. In his opinion, that old lady was pestering his son and daughter-in-law who had divorced and was still unwilling to let her go.

However, as an outsider, it was hard for an official to judge other people's family affairs. In the end, he sighed helplessly and went back to his work.

Nicole finished the cup of hot water slowly. She thanked the police and left slowly.

The screams before Selina left kept resounding in her ears, which made her annoyed and have nowhere to vent her anger.

Life should settle down peacefully after her mother left the hospital. But why did she still have to suffer from such thing.


Nicole passed by a restaurant and bought three bowls of noodle and a few dishes. She brought them home.

It was too late to cook now, so she decided to buy some noodles for her mother and brother.

She had intended to do so. Unexpectedly, when she opened the door, she saw many people in the house.

Neighbors were gathering in the living room and talking, making it difficult for her to hear what they were talking about.

Nicole was frightened. She thought something bad m

"All right."

Judy still had some doubts, but when she heard the firmness in Nicole's words, she didn't ask more and went into the bedroom.

After Nicole Closed the door of the bedroom, Jim walked up to Nicole and asked in a low voice, "sister, why didn't you call me just now? If I were there, I would beat that old woman to a pulp!"

Nicole burst into laughter. She pointed at Jim's forehead and said, "you are really a good boy. If you really beat that old woman, she would bother you to death."

"Then i Then I will not let her know I did it! " Jim said with a smile, rolling his eyes.

"Hey, Jim, you can't do this. I'll tell that you may be arrested if you are careless."

Jim pouted and said obediently, "fine, I won't do it."

He said that, but in his mind, he would definitely find a way to teach her a lesson if she dared to make trouble for him again! Teach her a lesson!

Nicole spent the whole day thinking about what happened today. When she went downstairs at dusk, she was still on the alert, worrying that Selina would came to her again.

But Selina didn't show up this afternoon, perhaps because she had just suffered a loss in the morning.

After shopping, Nicole had cleaned the fish and cut some scallion. When she was about to cook fish soup for her mother, her phone in the living room suddenly rang.

She quickly wiped her hands on her apron and went over to pick up her phone.

It was Jacob.

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