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   Chapter 33 Are You Serious

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Nicole gasped with pain on her wrist.

Hearing this, Jacob suddenly stopped all his actions. He frowned and stared at Nicole unhappily.

Nicole's trembling body slowly stopped. She timidly looked into the eyes of Jacob. Jacob then was moved towards the bedroom with the grip of her.

The embarrassment in Nicole's eyes is clearly. Then, she held back Jacob's hand very reluctantly.

Then Jacob sneered. When Nicole thought he would take further action, he stepped back and let go of her.

"You can leave now. I have no more interest now."


Nicole asked in shock. She was confused why Jacob suddenly let go of her.

"Fuck off!"

He strode out of the ward.

Nicole stood still for nearly half a minute before she realized that Jacob had agreed to let her leave.

The words were not pleasant to hear, but he did agree.

An expression of joy jumped onto Nicole's face. She said thank you to the direction where Jacob left and ran downstairs to take her cell phone.

Her naturally excited look confused the servants downstairs.

This woman was so strange.

They couldn't believe that she was still so happy after being swore by their young master.

The villa of Jacob was located in the suburb. Although it was not a place where few people were, there was almost nobody nearby.

Nicole walked along the road for a while, but didn't see a passing taxi.

When she was hesitating, a private car slid over from behind and steadily stopped beside her.

"Miss Nicole, young master told me to send you back."

A man got out of the car. Nicole recognized him. He was Jacob's driver.

"Miss Nicole, please."

When Nicole was still in a daze, the man bent over and opened the car door for her.

Nicole looked around and made sure that it was not easy to get a taxi here, so she felt relieved and said thank you before getting in the car.

Without Nicole telling her the address, the driver parked th

? You told me that I was too young to think too much, but what happened then? I was so stupid to listen to you and didn't take any action. If I had known it earlier, I would have stopped you from marrying him, that scumbag! "

His accusation astonished Nicole.

Sometimes, children's instinct was more rational than the adult's. At that time of her marriage, her brother was not very fond of Austin and thought that they had gotten married too soon. She didn't take her brother's advice seriously, and she got married with Austin in the end after being deceived by his sweet words.

Then she was afraid that her family would worry about her. No matter what she had suffered in the Liang family, she would never tell her mother and brother about it. Her mother and brother didn't know that she had pretended to be so happy.

However, all the illusions seemed to be destroyed one day.

"Sis, can you stop treating me like a kid? I'm already grown up." Jim pouted stubbornly, with tears streaming down his face.

She had always treated Jim as a child, protecting him from getting hurt. She had never thought that the child wanted to protect her as well.

Nicole was very distressed.

"Sis, do you really like that man whose surname is Gu? Or you were with him just for money? "

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