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   Chapter 32 Ho, You Are Proactive

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Nicole spent a long time in the washroom, and then she realized that she didn't have any suitable clothes to wear.

The man's white shirt that was hanging on her shoulders was obviously from Jacob.

When she opened the door and was about to go out to look for a dress, she found a woman dressed as a servant standing outside. She raised her hands respectfully and held the suit in her palms.

"Miss Nicole, Mr. Jacob prepared this suit for you."

Nicole was surprised. After a few seconds, she slowly took over the clothes and said "thank you" stiffly.

As she unfolded it, Nicole thought this dress was too long for her, but after putting it on, she found that it was quite suitable.

The dress was just above his ankle, and it seemed like it was tailor-made for her.

The dress was smooth and comfortable, which was made from unknown material. Even Nicole didn't have much experience about this, she knew it must be expensive.

The woman in the mirror was noble and elegant, it was not like her usual self at all.

Nicole looked at herself in the mirror for a while. She suddenly had an illusion that she was also a rich lady, but this illusion only lasted for a second, which was driven away by her. She murmured to herself in the mirror: "Nicole, don't be muddleheaded and forget your true identity."

Jacob sat at the table, waiting impatiently. In his past, only others waited for him, he never waited for somebody so patiently.

After a while, she still didn't appeared. This made Jacob mad. He even began to suspect that Nicole had already escaped.

Unable to wait any longer, he put down his mobile phone and was ready to go upstairs to find Nicole in person. At this moment, there was a s

reached the second floor. She grabbed his sleeve and forced him to stop. "Jacob, are you listening to me? I have to go back today. I can't stay here all the time. My mother and brother will worry about me. I have nothing to do here anyway. Just let me go."

Jacob stopped his steps, turned around, grabbed Nicole's arm and pushed her against the wall. He bent over and looked at her. "You have nothing to do? Do you want me to find something for you? "

While uttering these words, he held Nicole's waist.

"Don't be like this..."

Nicole took a step back out of instinct, but the wall behind her was so hard that she had nowhere to hide.

"Please, don't be like this..."

Jacob cracked a playful smile and asked, "What do you mean?"

Nicole was almost crying. She knew that she shouldn't provoke Jacob, but she really didn't know how to make him satisfied.

"They are looking at..."

"So what?" Jacob asked with a playful smile

Nicole was terrified. Without even thinking about whether Jacob was joking or not, she curled up in his arms and seized his clothes in a protection posture.

She looked delicate and touching.

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