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   Chapter 29 His Powerful Family

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The smile on Sabina's face froze.

Nicole spoke unhurriedly, "at this hour, Austin should be working in the company, so he doesn't have time to have dinner with you in such a place. Do you dress up this way for yourself? "

"It's none of your business!" Shouted Sabina.

Nicole smirked and said, "Don't worry. I won't poke my nose into your business. It's Austin's affair and it has nothing to do with me. But is it appropriate to criticize someone else before you can behave yourself, isn't it? "

Due to less education, it took Sabina several seconds to understand what exactly Nicole had said.

Nicole's face got ruthless. She didn't look at Sabina anymore and strode out of the toilet.

Finally Nicole could hold up her head high once. She never knew she could have a glib tongue. She didn't expect herself to be such a good talker. Thanks for quarreling with Jacob these days, now she had mastered a second skill.

"What took you so long?" As soon as Nicole sat down, Jacob said unhappily.

"I'm not feeling..."

"Hey, isn't that Nicole? Why do you have time to eat here.

Nicole turned back. It was Sabina, who had just taunted Nicole in the toilet. Sabina walked towards them holding a middle-aged man who in his thirties.

Sabina smiled deliberately, with arrogant on her face. It seemed that she was not here to greet, but to make a demonstration.

"You know her?" Jacob asked Nicole.

"Mr. Jacob?" As the middle-aged man also noticed Jacob, his eyes got focused instead of floppy "I didn't expect to meet young master from Gu family here. It's my pleasure to meet you."

Jacob looked at the hand reached out from the middle-aged man and stared at his face for a few seconds. Then he nodded slightly and said, "nice to meet you."

No Shaking hands, but the middle-aged man didn't feel embarrassed. He smiled warmly, "I've long heard that the young master of Gu family is a handsome and debonair man. I finally meet you today. You really deserves the reputation."

Holding the man's arm, Sabina who is holding the man's arm, looked at Jacob in surprise. Then she got close to Nicole and sat down on the chair next to Nicole. She touched Nicole's shoulder and said, "Nicole, when did you get together with Mr. Jacob? Why don't you tell me? That's so unkind!"

Nicole never had seen such cheeky and changeable person. For a moment, she did not even know how to deal with.

The middle-aged man saw that although Jacob looked stolid, his dater seemed to have a good relationship with Jacob's girlfriend. Then he took the opportunity to sit down.

Even not business relationship, but just sitting with Jacob who from Gu family in the same table which could be boasted by him for a long time.

"Mr. Jacob, there was some misunderstanding last time I met you. I hope you won't mind. In fact, Nicole and I have already made up." Sabina smiled shyly at Jacob and put her arm around Nicole's.

A touch of anger flashed through Nicole's eyes. She struggled, but failed to get rid of Sabina's hug.

Jacob glanced at Sabina and Nicole. Then he stood up, with poker faced, and said, "I'm tired. Let's go back home."

Upon hearing this, Sabina couldn't keep smiling.

The middle-aged man next to her stood up in a hurry. He wanted to get close to Jacob and say something, but he didn't dare to get too close to Jacob. He seemed a little bit funny when in hesitation.

"You are not leaving?" Few steps later, Jacob stopped and turned around to look at Nicole severely.

Nicole hurried to pull awa

y Sabina who was like an octopus around her, and got up to catch up with Jacob. Then they left together.

After watching them go downstairs, the middle-aged man sat down, and held Sabina in his arms by the way. He said in an excited tone, "why did you never told me that your friend is accompanying Mr. Jacob?"

"Mr. Wang, you know what, I didn't even know that either. She is so annoying. Look at her. I don't know what Mr. Jacob likes of her," Sabina snorted and smiled as she heard what Mr. Wang said.

"Of course, you are the most beautiful one. But you still should have a good relationship with your friend. As long as you can get involved with Gu family, you don't have to work for life anymore!"


"No kidding!"

Sabina sat down and call Jacob "Mr. Jacob", not because she recognized Jacob, but because the man next to her was respectful to Jacob. Obviously, Jacob should be a big shot.

Now the more Sabina heard of him, the more curious she became.

"My dear, this Mr. Jacob, what's his background?"

"Powerful background. Let's say so, S city wouldn't have been so prosperous as today without Gu family. You have no idea how rich their family is. I heard that Gu family had already started doing charity when the economic development of S city was just at its beginning. Up to now, half of the successful people in s city were grateful to Gu family. Although there were so many different business had developed like flowers blooming, no one would say no to Gu family"

"Are you kidding me?" Sabina was shocked enough that she even forgot to close her mouth.

"Probably more exaggerated than what I said. They have been rich for generations and their ancestors have a record in the history. They are not like the new rich and the upstarts."

As heard it, Sabina's long red nails clutched the tablecloth tightly. When she first saw Jacob, she thought he was just a normal handsome man from a wealthy family. So she dressed up to several small parties for him. However, she never found him.

Although she didn't meet Jacob at those parties, she met Mr. Wang. They had a good time and soon she became Mr. Wang's mistress.

She never expected that Jacob had such a powerful background. What was more unexpected was that Nicole could be with Jacob and they seemed to be on good terms?

'How did she achieve it!'

A flame of jealousy and unwillingness was burning in Sabina's eyes.

The other scenes, Nicole, who was sitting on the front passenger seat, felt embarrassed.

Jacob had kept silent since he got into the car. His eyes were focusing on the road ahead. Nobody knew what he was thinking about now.

"Well..." Nicole paused for a while and continued, "I wasn't reconciled with Sabina. She showed up herself."


"The woman we just met, I was not reconciled with her." Nicole complained with a huff, "I don't know why she sat down suddenly. Her enthusiasm was so unctuous that caused me goose bumps."

Jacob glanced at Nicole and said, "she was being overly familiar. She said she hoped I didn't mind what happened last time. But I don't remember that I had ever met her anywhere."

Nicole turned around and asked, "you really don't remember her? Last time, at Austin's place, she is Austin's... "

Nicole stopped at half way. What happened that day was also not a good experience. She thought she'd better not to remind Jacob of that.

"Oh, your ex-husband's lover?" However, Jacob had already remembered her.

Nicole's face turned red and pale at once.

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