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   Chapter 26 From Now On, Stay Away From My Girl

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Nicole closed her eyes subconsciously.

However, the slap did not fall.

As she opened her eyes, she saw Jacob standing in front of her, with one arm up. He was catching Austin's wrist.

"It's you again!" Austin recognized the man immediately. He was the one threw a check on him. Then Austin's eyes were filled with envy soon.

"Stay away from my girl." Jacob said without any emotion and shook off Austin's hand

"Your girl?" Glancing at Nicole and Jacob skeptically, Austin said with a sly face, "Nicole, is he your new customer?"

It was really harsh and said quite loudly. A few passers-by heard it and looked at them curiously.

It was not the first time that Austin had insulted Nicole like this. She had been used to it and didn't even change the expression on her face.

However, Jacob was not used to it, and he frowned.

Everybody who knew Jacob well understood that he was almost irritated when this expression appeared.

But Austin didn't know. He thought his words were working and this man was getting angry with Nicole. So he continued malicious words, "What after all you like her of? ……"

Before Austin could finish his sentence, he was knocked to the ground by a punch from Jacob.

Although Jacob was wearing a suit and seemed never fight with anyone. But back then, he used to be the boss in the middle school only because he had defeated other students. He was strong and skilled enough to hit Austin hard and made Austin dizzy.


Giving up dignity, Austin spat out a mouthful of blood and got up, smashing his fist toward Jacob.

However, before he could land his fist on Jacob, he was caught by Jacob's single hand. Jacob pulled Austin back and then gave him a punch again!

Jacob put forth all his strength this time. Austin lay on the ground with blood oozing from his mouth.

There were some people surrounding, who were afraid that they might be hurt in the fight, so they stood far away. However, the gossip was still heard and spread away.

Nicole came back from the shock when she noticed someone else. She grabbed Jacob's arm and stopped him hitting Austin, said in a low voice, "Jacob, stop it. It's enough."

Jacob shook his wrist, looked down at Austin who was struggling to sit up and said, "if I hear that you talk nonsense once again, I'll make you unable to speak. You can have a try if you don't believe me."

"Go, go." Nicole held Jacob's hand and left quickly.

Austin stood up slowly and spat out a mouthful of blood towards where Jacob leaving, with anger in her eyes.

Nicole didn't let go of Jacob until she dragged him into the staircase of the inpatient department. She looked at him and wanted to say something, but finally she said nothing, but turned around and went upstairs.

"Hey!" Jacob shouted at Nicole's back.

Nicole stopped but not turned around, waiting for Jacob to speak.

"What do you mean? Are you feeling sorry for him when I hit him?"

"I am not."

"Then why are you shaming me?" Jacob caught up with Nicole and pulled her into his arms, forcing her to look into his eyes.

Being locked, Nicole felt very uncomfortable. She tried hard to push Jacob away, but she could not. She could only look up at him and said, "do you think you are powerful? You could make Austin scared to fight back. Yes, he would know that he couldn't afford to offend you as long as he got a little informa

tion about you. But what about me? What about my mother? Now that you did teach him a lesson. What if he blames my mother and me for all the thing. Do you know that? "

Jacob did not expect that Nicole would say such much. It took him a few seconds to react. He frowned and said, "He dare not."

Nicole snorted, "You are underestimating him. You have no idea how vengeful he is."

"Really?" Jacob raised his voice at last.

Actually he was delighted when he heard Nicole describe her ex-husband as a person who would seek revenge for the smallest grievance.

Nicole didn't notice the subtle change in Jacob, and she continued to explain, "of course, I saw him tripped up a woman who spoke ill of him downstairs on purpose. I knew that he made someone unable to stay in the company anymore, just because that man who once provoked him not on purpose. He is such kind of mean person, you understand?"

Jacob turned his head to Nicole and said, "Then why did you still quarrel with him just now, as you know what kind of person he is."

"I..." Nicole signed, "A cornered beast will do something desperate. My mother fainted because of his mother. I can't tolerate it anymore."

Jacob raised his eyebrows. This reason made sense, but...

"If you knew what kind of person he was, why did you still marry him?" Jacob suddenly changed the topic.

Nicole didn't expect that Jacob would ask her this question. She felt aggrieved and said, "I was blind at that time. Is that ok? Get out of the way. I want to go upstairs to see my mother."

This time, Jacob didn't stop Nicole. He looked at her back, smiling.

Judy was still in a coma and under observation in ICU. Relatives were not allowed to visit her inside.

Nicole and Jim could do nothing but wait outside.

However, Jacob was still not used to stay with this sister and brother. He watched them from a distance for a while and then turned around to make a call.

"Kent, keep an eye on a man named Austin. He is Nicole's ex-husband. Make sure he won't do anything bad to Nicole and her family."

After giving the order, he went to the nurse's desk to order a meal for Nicole and Jim. Then he left.

After all, he was following up with several projects. He couldn't stay outside all day long and not going back to the company. He was take responsibility for many people who worked for him.

At noon, when Nicole was about to go downstairs to buy some food, the nurse brought the lunch box that Jacob had already ordered.

"Miss Du, Mr. Gu ordered this for you." The nurse handed over the lunch box to Nicole and left with a smile.

Nicole held the food container in her arms somewhat perplexedly, and glanced at Jim in embarrassment.

Her brother hadn't known that she divorced. She had been frequently pestering a strange man. She was worried that her brother would overthink it.

Jim seemed understand what Nicole was worried about, he pretended nothing happened and took the lunch box and said, "Wow, it smells good. I'm almost starving."

Since her brother did not ask anything, Nicole would not explain anything.

Then the sister and brother began to eat their lunch, tacitly. Neither of them mentioned about Jacob any more.

It was not until the third day that Judy woke up. Afterwards, she was transferred to the general ward.

As soon as she saw Nicole, she asked bluntly, "Have you divorced Austin?"

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