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   Chapter 25 Crack

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Jacob arranged two rooms in the hotel next to the hospital. Holding Nicole who had cried into asleep in his arms, he sneaked into a room.

Jim followed with a worried expression on his face.

"You can go to another room to have a good rest as well. I'll arrange someone to guard the hospital. " Jacob said in a soft tone, which was rare.

Standing at the door, Jim didn't leave. Shillyshally, he said, "I I want to stay here and look after my sister. "

"I'll take care of her. You go to rest." This time, Jacob's tone became irresistible.


The door was closed in front of Jim before he finished his words. The waiter standing next to Jim stepped forward and bowed to him respectfully. "Sir, your room is next door."

After all, Jim was still too young to handle Jacob's behave. His face turned red immediately. He strode towards the door, swiped the card and entered the room.

He lay on the bed, but tossing and turning. He was very worried about his sister.

The man seemed to be quite familiar with Nicole, but wouldn't it be inappropriate for them to stay in the same room?

Despite Jim was still young, he had already got some basic knowledge about the sensitive gender, and knew that it was improper for a man and a woman to sleep in the same room.

But maybe they were just friends and that man was just worried about his sister so that he stayed to take care of Nicole.

Jim made blind and disorderly conjectures, trying to comfort himself with the best idea.

Actually, Jim didn't need to worry anything. No matter how much Jacob wanted Nicole, he couldn't do anything to her now. Although he was imperious and possessive, he was not the beast who would have estrus all the time.

In fact, Jacob didn't do anything. He sat on the edge of the bed, staring at Nicole who was asleep.

Nicole had cried too much just now. Although she was now asleep and her eyes were closed, red traces could still be seen around her eyes.

Jacob reached out his hand to her pale face and sighed.

He recalled that they had known each other for a period.

At that time, he sat in the back row of her seat and was floppy every day. He had never listened to a class carefully. If there were homework that had to be handed over, she would write them for him.

Although they barely talked to each other, there was an inexplicable tacit understanding between them.

She would hold up the examination paper for him to copy, and he would also ask his friends to help her doing cleaning and duty when she was sick.

He liked watching her stand up to answer questions fluently, watching her blush in the face when teased by classmates, and even watching her try to straight her back to do therapeutic exercises.

In such an indifferent time, he slowly fell in love with this girl, and he got to like her more and more. He was full of satisfaction as soon as he saw the girl. Whenever he thought of her, he couldn't help smiling upward.

So he came closer to her and showed his kindness.

He confessed.

Unexpected, the girl, who only focused on study and seldom participated in entertainment during class, would accept his confession of love.

At that moment, he felt so happy. He held her in his arms and walked around in circles like that in the movies. He had used to think that it was so foolish doing like this. But when things happened to him, he would like to do anything silly to express his happiness.

At that time, He was really happy. They didn't have much pressure from their life, nor did they have the financial measurement. Everything wa

s so simple, so wonderful.

Unfortunately... Farther...

It hurt as much as it's fancy.

"How could you do that to me?" Jacob wiped the tears from his eyes and said gently.

However, there was no answer in the room.


Next day when Nicole woke up, she found herself alone in the room.

She looked around, holding her head to get out of the bed, recalling what had happened in the past day.

She remembered what the doctor had said. Then Jacob came, she threw herself into his arms and cried. Afterwards she lost consciousness.

Nicole got out of bed and checked her phone for the latest messages.

The first message was from Jim.

"Nicole, I'm going to the hospital to see mom first. Call me back after you read the message."

Thinking of her little but strong brother, Nicole felt ashamed of herself. Yesterday, she behaved so inappropriately and not even as calm as her brother. She was really useless.

Nicole texted Jim while walking towards the hospital.

When she arrived at the hospital, she saw a familiar SUV parking on the roadside.

She used to take this car. Austin also used to say that he would give it to her after she got a driving license.

It's unnecessary to trace the history. Now Nicole only got blood boiling as she saw things related to Liang family

She walked towards the car and was about to bent over to see if there was anyone in the car. All of a sudden, the door opened.

Then, Austin got out of the car.

"Nicole?" Austin exclaimed in surprise.

Without a word, Nicole walked up to Austin, raised her hand and slapped Austin in the face.

"Clap -".

The force was so strong that Austin's head tilted.

"Nicole Du, what are you doing!" Being slapped in public, Austin felt humiliated and lost his soft voice.

Not to be outdone, Nicole glared at Austin fiercely, "I've told you not to show up in front of me. Didn't you hear me?"

"I am here to visit you. I'm just being kind to give you a shoulder. Now that you're well-off from selling yourself. Do you really think that you can stand up by this?"

"Clap -". Another one.

Austin was unbelievable. Not only him, but also Nicole was shocked by the slap in his face.

She was never a woman who would hit others so easily.

It could be proved that how much angry she was with this man.

"I tell you, don't go too far." Gnashing his teeth, Austin stared fiercely at Nicole.

However, Nicole was no longer afraid of him. She approached Austin and questioned him, "why don't you tell your mother that I have paid you back the sixty thousand you lent to me? Don't you know that your mother came to the hospital to talk with my mother and made my mother faint in the operating room?"

Austin had nothing to reply.

"Why don't you explain it to your mother clearly?"

"I... haven't got the time to do so. My mom is indeed short tempered, but she wouldn't mean to do so. Don't think her in bad way. "

Nicole thought it was unnecessary to talk with Austin anymore. She took a deep breath and said coldly, "it doesn't matter whether your mother did it on purpose or not. Now that she has made my mother faint. You go back and tell your mother that if my mother is all right. I won't blame her for that. But if my mother became really worse, I won't let it go. You'd better to tell your mother to wait. "

"What do you mean? Are you threatening me? " Once they had a quarrel, the hypocrisy on his face was gone. Austin raised his voice and arms high, "I am telling you, watch out what you are saying. Don't challenge my bottom line again and again!

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