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   Chapter 24 Laugh, You Bastard

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Nicole ran out of the room with the phone in her hand, like crazy.

She just didn't look after her mother for only one day. How could something bad had happened to her mother all of a sudden? 'How could that be possible? No. It is impossible.'

The Cardiology Department was in the other building. Nicole couldn't wait for the elevator so she ran downstairs and up one after another, almost dying.

"Where's Mom?" She grasped Jim's arm and asked while gasping.

Jim wiped his tears and answered while sobbing, "Mom... mom is in the emergency room. The doctors are rescuing her."

"What happened? She was all right the night before yesterday when I left." Nicole felt very guilty. If she hadn't fallen ill and been entangled with love and passion, her mother might not have had such an accident.

"I don't know." Jim shook his head and replied, "Austin's mother came to chat with mom. I went to buy them food and when I came back, mom had fainted."

Nicole screamed, "what did you say? Who has been here? "

"The mother of my brother-in-law, Selina Zhang."

As heard these words, Nicole lost her balance and fell down to the ground. Luckily, Jim supported her with his hands and worriedly asked, "Nicole, are you okay?"

"Selina...Selina...Selina... What was she doing?...Why did she come here?" Nicole murmured.

It shouldn't be a coincidence. Her mother fainted all of a sudden after Selina got here. It must because Selina said something which her mother could undertake. That should be the reason.

'It must be so.'

"Where is she? Where is Selina now?" Nicole gritted her teeth and even looked at Jim with hatred.

Scared of her look, Jim answered in a trembling voice, "I don't know... Sister, calm down first. Don't freak me out. "

"I am very calm." Nicole let go of Jim and quickly dialed to Selina.

After the fifth beep, Selina finally picked up the phone.

"I am asking you, why did you come to the hospital to see my mother? What did you talk to her?" Nicole controlled her anger and asked.

On the other end of the phone, Selina was silent for a few seconds. She didn't pretend knowing nothing, but her attitude was very arrogant. "How dare you are asking me? I do want to ask you, why are you still cheating money on Austin after divorce?"


"Don't you think that I am knowing nothing? You asked money from Austin once and once again when your mother need money to do surgery. Am I right? Don't your family feel ashamed? How can you keep asking for money from us after divorce? Is our family your ATM? "

If she was not at the other end of the phone, Nicole really wanted to slap her in the face.

She gritted her teeth and said word by word, "yes, I did borrow sixty thousand from your son, but I have returned it to him and I don't owe him any money! And I'm telling you. If anything bad happens to my mother, you'll pay for it! "

After hanging up the phone. Nicole was so angry that almost fainted.

"Sister, what's wrong? Are you all right?" Saying the words, Jim helped Nicole sit down on the bench at once.

"I'm fine."

Jim took out a bottle of water from his bag, unscrewed the cap and handed it to Nicole. "Sister, what were you doing yesterday? I sent you so many messages, but you didn't reply any."

Nicole stopped drinking water and thought for a few seconds. With a straight face, she said, "I caught a cold and had a fever yesterday, so I slept all day."

"What? Are you still h

aving a fever? " As he spoke, Jim reached out to touch Nicole's forehead.

"Don't worry. The fever is gone." Nicole was afraid that her brother would know that she was the mistress of Jacob, so she quickly shifted the topic. "How long has Mom been in the emergency room? Did the doctor say anything?"

Speaking of Judy, Jim's face wrinkled again. "I called you as soon as Mom entered. The doctor said nothing."

The doctor's face was gloomy which he didn't dare to tell Nicole.

"Sister, it's all my fault. If I didn't go out, If I didn't leave mom alone, it wouldn't have happened. I'm so sorry..."

"It's not your fault. It's all my fault..."

With one hand in his wind coat pocket, Jacob looked at the couple of sister and brother crying on the bench from a distance. He wanted to walk over to comfort them, but his feet didn't listen to him.

'Nicole probably didn't want to see me at all now.' He thought.

One and a half hour later, the door of the emergency room opened.

Nicole sprang to her feet. It was the first time that she was too afraid to ask about the result.

This time, Jim was the one bold enough to talk with the doctor politely like a small adult.

"The patient is out of danger now. But she is in a bad condition. She used to suffer from cerebral infarction before. The dizziness this time resulted in neurological complications. There may be some symptoms of memory decay, even if she recovers well after waking up. You have to get ready for it."

Nicole quivered and asked in a low voice, "if... What if it doesn't recover well? "

"If it's not fully recovered, it's likely to be permanent brain damage, or hemiplegia. But we are not sure yet."

Nicole got scared. She slumped into the bench and was about to fall down.

"Watch out!"

Nicole blankly looked towards the direction where the sound came from and the she saw Jacob who was holding her.

"Are you satisfied now?" Nicole put on a sarcastic smile and said, "My mother is not good now. Are you satisfied now?"

Jacob furrowed his eyebrows. He didn't want to listen to what she was saying.

But Nicole was on the verge of breaking down. She was almost drowned in the anger and pain in her deep heart, and the appearance of Jacob undoubtedly became her outlet.

"Don't you hate me look after my mother, do you? You are thinking that my mother wasted too much my time, aren't you? Are you happy now? What? Why do you seem like so unhappy? Shouldn't you be happy and laugh? Why aren't you laughing? Laugh, you bastard! "

With the extreme anger, Nicole bit Jacob's arm hard.

Jacob gasped, but he didn't stop her. He endured the pain and held furious Nicole into his arms.

The word "sorry" was lingering in his mouth, but he couldn't speak it out.

Nicole bit Jacob so hard until her teeth were numb. Then she released her mouth and burst into tears holding Jacob.

"It's all your fault It's all your fault I don't want anything bad to happen to my mother. I don't... "

Jacob raised his hand and touched Nicole's back gently with his arm, which had been bitten into blood. "It's all right. It'll be all right."

Standing aside, Jim stared blankly at the man who was hugging his sister.

He couldn't understand at all, no matter what happening or what they had said,.

'It should Austin's mother who made mom faint. Why did Nicole get angry with this man? And who on earth was this man? Why did he look so intimate with my sister?'

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