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   Chapter 22 Don't Leave Me Alone

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Dozens of steps could always be finished. Although Jacob walked very slowly, he could still come to the bedroom very soon.

The door of bedroom was left unlocked, and the light was off.

He laughed at himself for being so silly.

He opened the door with a smile and walked in step by step.

When he was about to rest in this room, by the light from the corridor, he clearly saw a person lying on the bed in the room.

At that moment, Jacob thought that he might have got a dim eyesight, so he immediately raised his hand to turn on the lights in the house. Then he saw what had happened clearly under the warm and yellow light.

The person who was lying on the bed was Nicole.

Jacob curled his lips and walked over as if nothing had happened. He said hello to Nicole who was still closing her eyes.

However, there was no reply...

Jacob frowned and pushed Nicole unhappily, "Hey, how long are you going to..."

But before he could finish his words, the color drained from his face.

The abnormal blush on Nicole's face and the hot temperature on her body gave him a bad feeling.

Jacob subconsciously reached out to touch Nicole's forehead.

It was so hot that he withdrew his hand immediately.

"Hey, wake up, wake up." Jacob patted Nicole on her cheek, but she still didn't respond.

It seemed that she was in a coma because of the fever.

Fear flashed across Jacob's mind. He quickly took out his mobile phone and called the driver to come over. Then he picked up Nicole and rushed downstairs.

When he went downstairs, the driver had not arrived yet. He couldn't wait any longer, so he took Nicole to the garage and drove to the hospital himself.

He kept driving very fast and the car was about to fly. Turning his head to look at Nicole who had slumped down in the passenger seat, he was so anxious that the sweat burst out on his forehead.

"Someone is in a coma with a fever here. Prepare for first aid at once. I'll be in the hospital in five minutes."

After passing the second red light, Jacob dialed the phone of his acquaintance director in the hospital and ordered solemnly.

Five minutes later, the sports car arrived.

The nurses were carrying a stretcher waiting at the gate of the hospital. Jacob took Nicole out of the car and she was sent to the emergency room immediately.

Only doctors and nurses were allowed to enter the emergency room, so Jacob had to wait on a bench outside.

He was in a panic. He could not help thinking what Nicole would do if he went to rest directly in the company after finishing his work tonight?

If he hadn't found that Nicole was in a coma because of the high fever, would she die in this way and disappear in this world?

Jacob wiped his face heavily. He felt a fear that he had never felt before. He really hated Nicole, for insulting her in front of his friends on purpose and torturing her over and over again while she was drunk.

But he didn't want this woman to die.

He could not accept the word death.

After a long time, the door of the emergency room opened and the doctor came out.

"The patient was out of danger now. Fortunately, she was sent here in time. But she was dehydrated and hasn't woken up yet."

Jacob finally felt relieved. He nodded and sincerely held the doctor's hand. "Thank you, doctor.


"Mr. Jacob, this is what we should do. You can go in and see her now."

Jacob walked into the ward and stood in front of Nicole. He had mixed feelings.

Hatred, pity, disgust, and unwillingness welled up in his heart. He even couldn't tell how he really felt at this moment.

"En..." Nicole moaned, frowned and looked very uncomfortable.

Jacob couldn't help reaching out his hand to smooth Nicole's frowned eyebrows, and coaxed her in a childish voice, "It's all right. It's all right."

The unconscious Nicole seemed to understand his comfort. Her eyebrows slowly relaxed and her expression became much more peaceful.

Jacob was a little surprised. He couldn't understand why he had such feelings for Nicole.

He pulled over a chair and sat down, staring blankly at Nicole who was quietly lying in bed.

In fact, last night when he was drinking, he heard Nicole say she was uncomfortable, but he did not really care about it at that time and thought that Nicole was finding an excuse, so he was more and more angry.

Later when they got entangled in the villa, he also felt that Nicole was not as energetic as the last time, but he was really drunk and did not think about anything else.

It was no wonder that Jacob thought so. It was indeed Nicole who refused him with an excuse. Jacob knew that it was because of the unfair agreement.

Jacob also knew it was despicable to do that, but he couldn't control himself. He couldn't stand Nicole breaking up with him like this. He wanted her to suffer, and let her realize the pain of that year.

"Why am I the only one who is sad and who cares so much? Nicole Du, is your heart made of stone?"

Jacob murmured as he looked at Nicole lying on the bed and closing her eyes.

Of course, no one responded to him.

He looked up and held back the bitterness in his eyes. Then he lowered his head and said fiercely.

"Nicole Du, I want you to recover at once. You must be safe before I am tired of you."

After saying that, Jacob lay face-down on the bed and buried his face in his palm.

Why? Why did he have such a heartache when he was so cruel!

Lying on the bed, Nicole's eyelashes moved. She slowly opened her eyes and then closed them. However, Jacob didn't notice it.

When Nicole woke up the next day, there were only nurses in the ward checking her up.

"What... What's wrong with me? " Nicole had some memory about what happened last night, but she didn't really remember it.

The nurse took a look at the number on the thermometer and explained, "You were sent here last night because of your fever. Now your fever has been brought down. You can get out of the hospital after taking a rest."

Nicole didn't ask who sent her, but she connected it with her memories and guessed who sent her.

"Thank you..." Nicole wanted to sit up, but she find that she did not have much strength.

Her stomach started to grumble.

Nicole was a little embarrassed. The nurse smiled and kindly said, "Are your family coming over? If they can't come here now, I can buy breakfast for you."

"Don't worry. I'll eat when I get out of the hospital." Nicole refused as she was an independent girl. She didn't want to bother the nurses.

"You can't leave the hospital now. You..."

The nurse was interrupted by the opening of the door.

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