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   Chapter 18 What Are You

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As Austin mentioned Judy, Nicole exploded with anger.

"I warn you, if you dare to let my mother know this, I will never let you go!"

Startled by Nicole's momentum, Austin released his hand, and then Nicole got rid of him.

He still felt a little embarrassed. Thinking of the woman he had been missing all these days, he couldn't help saying maliciously, "how long are you going to continue like this?"

"It's none of your business." Nicole replied coldly.

However, Nicole's indifferent attitude made Austin even more angry. He gasped and clenched his fists. "Nicole, do you know what you are doing? You can ask me for help if you are in trouble. Why are you so bitch?"

"Ask you for help?" Nicole laughed instead of getting angry, "didn't I ask you? Didn't I borrow money from you that day? Did you lend it to me? You kept away from me when I was desperate. Now you call me bitch. But you have no right to say so. "

"I don't want to talk to you anymore. You should leave now. Don't come here again. I don't want to see you anymore." Nicole turned her head away to not see Austin anymore.

With a scornful look on his face, Austin snorted, "I'll leave soon. You really think I do care about you?"

Then he strode away as if something dirty was chasing him.

Nicole stood there for a while, squatted down weakly, hugged herself and buried her head in her own arms.

She didn't want to cry, but her eyes were dry and painful.

She had heard so many hurtful words from Jacob that she was almost numb.

She just felt very tired, really tired. No one could understand her helplessness and bitterness.

She suddenly missed her father very much. If he was still alive in the world but not died in the car accident, then he would take the responsibility for her.

Nicole squatted too long time that her legs and feet were numb. She staggered to her feet and had a rest with the support of the wall before back to the ward.

In the ward, Judy had fallen asleep. Jim was at the bedside. He was having a sweet sleep.

Seeing this scene, Nicole felt sad. She tiptoed to Jim and caressed his head.

Although her younger brother was still in the teenager rebellious period, he was very considerate and didn't spend too much money or cause trouble for the family.

It was really hard for him to take care of their mother these days.

Nicole stood there for a while. When she saw her brother's thin arm, she seemed to think of something. Then she left a note on the bedside table and left the ward.

She bought pork ribs and vegetables in the supermarket and went home.

The house had not been cleaned for several days. Jim and she only came back home for a sleep, as there was a thin layer of dust on it.

Nicole went to the kitchen and cleaned it up. Then she washed vegetables and meat, stewed them in the pot. After that, she closed the kitchen door and began to clean it up.

Her mother was a clean freak. Nicole couldn't let her mother see the mess in the house when she left the hospital and back home.

After she cleaned up the room and washed her brother's dirty clothes, the soup was almost ready.

Nicole washed her hands and stood in front of her father's memorial. She smelt the incense and said

seriously, "Dad, you can rest assured. I will take good care of mom and brother."

After the soup was done, she put it in the c and carried it back to the hospital.

When she arrived, Judy and Jim had already woken up. A nurse had just finished examination and put a drip on Judy.

"Sister, you're back." The sight of Nicole brought a smile to Jim's face.

Nicole gave him a quick response and handed over the incubator. "I cooked pork rib soup just now. You and mom both have some."

"Sister, you said you went back home. For soup? Wow, it smells great!"

Nicole sat beside Judy's bed with a smile, held Judy's hand which was free from infusion and asked with concern, "Mom, how do you feel today?"

"Much better." Judy held back Nicole's hands and asked with doubt, "Nicole, did you have a quarrel with Austin?"

Nicole was surprised and replied, "No. why do you ask this?"

Judy sighed heavily, "I think you two are acting strangely and alienated. Nicole, be honest with me. Is Liang family giving you a hard time because of the cost for me?"

Although Nicole had explained the fees to Judy many times, Judy was still dubious and worried.

"Mom, nothing is more important than your health for me. I borrowed money from Austin. I work hard and return the money to him. Don't worry." Nicole repeated the lie without blinking.

Judy was still worried, "but..."

"Mom, have some soup." Jim interrupted them properly and glanced at Nicole secretly.

Nicole gave Jim a thankful look.

She had told Jim not to let mother know all those bad things, which was not good for mother's condition. It seemed that Jim was smart enough.

For several consecutive days, Nicole went home at noon to make various soups for Judy and Jim. With meticulous care, Judy recovered very quickly.

Which is luckily for Nicole, neither Jacob nor Austin found her these days which made her relax a bit.

That day, Nicole went home to make soup as usual. When she got off at the bus station and was on her way home, it suddenly began to rain.

Nicole didn't have time to dodge the rain and got wet in the rain.

When she went back home to make some soup and hurried to the hospital, she had already had a slight fever.

However, Nicole, who was busy taking care of her mother and brother, did not take the fever to heart. She did what she was supposed to do as usual. Until night, she found that she walked a little bit dizzy.

"Sister, you can go home tonight. I will take care of mom in the hospital." Seeing Nicole's haggard face, Jim said with sympathy.

Nicole was about to refute, as her phone suddenly rang.

She took the phone out. As soon as she saw the name, her face changed.

It was from Jacob.

"Sis, won't you answer the phone?" Jim reminded at side.

Nicole came to herself and pushed her brother into the ward, "then you stay here tonight. I'll go back home for rest."

"Okay. Take care." Jim waved at Nicole with a smile.

After saying goodbye to her mother and brother, Nicole's cellphone was not ringing anymore. When she was thinking about whether to call back or not, it rang again.

Nicole stepped to the elevator entrance quickly and answered the phone.

"Why didn't you answer my phone?"

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