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   Chapter 17 Did You Sell Yourself

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Nicole didn't wake up until it was about noon the next day.

She sat up and held her heavy head to think for a while before she realized what happened.

Last night, Jacob called her here and then...

Thinking of what happened last night, Nicole blushed again. She could hardly resist the fact that Jacob was very hot.

Suddenly the doorknob turned and interrupted Nicole's thinking.

She picked up the blanket to cover herself and looked into the bathroom.

The door was pushed open and Jacob came out.

A bathrobe was hanging loosely from his body. Drops of water dripped from his body. Obviously, he had just taken a bath.

The scratches on his neck showed how crazy they had been for last night.

There was no doubt that it was Nicole who grabbed them.

Nicole did not dare to look again. She looked down and continued gripping the blanket.

All is quiet, then Jacob spoke.

Biting her lips, Nicole listened carefully.

"Behave better next time." As he spoke, Jacob walked to the bed and pinched Nicole's chin to force her to look up.

"I brought you back not for let myself suffer, understand?"

Nicole's eyes were expressionless. She looked at Jacob's good-looking lips which kept spitting out words that hurt her. Her heart ached.

The illusion of warmth in her mind had been broken cruelly.

'Yeah, I'm just a plaything to serve people. I shouldn't have any unrealistic fantasies.'

When that mouth stopped, Nicole opened her eyes and didn't want to look at Jacob anymore.

"Can I go back now?"

As she opened her mouth, she found that her voice was so hoarse that it hurt as if her throat was torn apart.

But compared with heartache, this pain was nothing.

"I'll try my best to satisfy you next time."

Nicole looked back at Jacob and smiled.

Although it was a smile, it made people feel uncomfortable.

Glared by her smile, Jacob felt annoyed for no reason. How could he feel sorry for her? When he was badly hurt, she just abandoned him mercilessly. He should have known her true features earlier. Why was he still fooled by her?

'No way. I will never forgive anyone who hurt me. What I want is revenge and humiliation, ' he thought.

At that time, it was her innocent and pure face that cheated his feelings, trampled on his dignity, and betrayed his love.

He would let her pay for what he had suffered!

Jacob clenched his teeth and the hatred in his heart made him almost lose control.

"Fuck off."

Jacob released Nicole and pointed at the door, roaring, "get out now!"

Nicole's heart sank when she saw how angry Jacob became. She didn't know what she had done wrong. How could she provoke Jacob.

She froze for a few seconds, then got up from the bed, picked up the clothes on the ground and put them on one by one. After tidying up her clothes, she walked past Jacob and left without looking back.

Hearing the door slammed shut, Jacob couldn't calm down anymore. He hit the bed with his fist, groaning.

He did all these just to revenge and make Nicole sad. But why did he feel heartbroken when he saw that he really hurt Nicole?

Why d

id he care about a woman who had betrayed him!

Love was like poison. He had been trapped in it once.

Nicole left the hotel with her exhausted body and took a cab back to the hospital.

It was a message from Jim. He was in the hospital with their mother. They had lunch together and their mother was doing well.

When she arrived at the hospital, she smelled something delicious.

Her stomach started to growl.

Nicole sighed helplessly and randomly chose a fast food restaurant.

After eating a fast food in a hurry, Nicole felt that she had used up her strength. She shook her head, forced a smile on her face and headed to her mother's ward.

Standing at the ward door, Nicole was stunned.

In the ward, Austin was telling a joke happily, making Jim and their mother burst into laughter.

"Sis, you're back." Seeing Nicole, Jim rushed to her and held her in his arms.

With a smile on her face, Nicole and Jim walked to the table and put the fruit that she just bought downstairs on it.

"You... Why are you here all of a sudden?" Nicole looked at Austin and pretended to ask in a casual way.

Austin was also good at acting, and he wasn't surprised at all when he heard Nicole's question. He answered as if it had been prepared, "I was so busy a few days ago that I didn't come to see mom. I come here directly when the company isn't so busy today. I didn't tell you in such a hurry, I'm sorry."

Nicole was uncomfortable with his natural and intimacy. She lowered her eyes and turned to Jim, "Jim, help mom lie down and have a rest."

"Okay." Jim nodded obediently.

"Please come out."

After passing by Austin, Nicole pulled him up from the chair and went out of the room.

Nicole didn't let her hand go until they had reached the end of the corridor.

"Why are you here again?" She said bluntly.

After pausing for a while, Austin faltered, "I come here to see mom Nicole, don't be angry."

"That's my mom, not your mom. You can go now if you have seen her. Don't come here again." Nicole wasn't in a good mood, so she was depressed.

Besides, last time she mentioned borrowing money, Austin refused. So she didn't want to see him again.

As Austin approached Nicole, he noticed the red mark on her collar.

As an adult, Austin knew exactly what such a mark meant.

He grabbed Nicole's collar and asked angrily and enviously, "who did this? Who did this? "

Nicole looked in the direction of Austin's vision and stepped back, covering her bare skin.

"It's none of your business."

Flames were about to burst out of Austin's eyes. He stared straight at Nicole and said slowly, "Jim told me that you went out last night. Is this what you want to do?"

Nicole became angry from embarrassment and gave Austin a hard push.

"I said it was none of your business! We are divorced. You have no right to discipline me? !"

Being pushed a few steps back, Austin looked at Nicole up and down, gnashing his teeth in anger and stared at the crumpled clothes on her.

Then Austin pushed Nicole to the corner.

"What do you think your mother will think if she knows?"

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