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   Chapter 16 No. Stop

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As the sound of water suddenly disappeared, Jacob's heart trembled.

He had to admit that he was looking forward to what would happen next.

He had a mental mysophobia. He turned a blind eye to women who tried to seduce him, let alone developed feelings for them.

Jacob raised his head and took another sip of red wine. His long and narrow eyes narrowed into a slit, staring at the door of the bathroom slowly opened.

The first coming out was a white and slender foot.

Then Nicole came out of the bathroom, wearing a bathrobe.

Nicole's hair was totally wet, drops of water trickling down her slender neck. On the contrary, the look in her eyes was pure and ashamed.

With such a sharp contrast, she turned out to be super sexy.

Jacob swallowed hard as he waved his hand.

"Come here."

Nicole seemed to be scared and slowed down.

With less than ten meters' walk, she had reached the end of the mountain very soon.


Before she finished, she was dragged by Jacob and fell on the bed.

"Jacob!" Nicole cried in panic, trying to get rid of the man's hand.

"What? Are you afraid?" Jacob bent over and kissed Nicole earlobe. Feeling her soft body, he said, "this is not your first time. What are you afraid of?"

This sentence made Nicole feel ashamed for no reason, and she reflexively put her arms around the chest.

"No Don't do this to me... "

This feeling of being forced made Nicole very scared. She could no longer endure it and begged in a low voice.

Although she said it in a low voice, Jacob heard what she said clearly. He stopped what he was doing and sneered, "haven't you promised? Why do you want to go back on your words? "

He slowly said, "or, is the word 'no' actually meaning something else?"


Nicole's mind went blank. She didn't know what to say when faced with Jacob's accusation. She could only call his name habitually.

Jacob licked his lips and sat up with Nicole in his arms. He poured another glass of wine and took a big gulp.

Then he lifted Nicole's chin and kissed her!

Nicole's face was red because of the suffocation. She had no time to swallow the al

coholic that was pushed into her mouth.

"Phew Swoosh... " Nicole rested her head on Jacob's shoulder, gasping for air.

When she came to her senses, she found that the glass of red wine in Jacob's hand had already spilled on their clothes.

"You've spilled my wine." A faint smile appeared on Jacob's face.

Nicole bit her lower lip and said nothing.

Jacob murmured, "I was about to feed you the wine, but now I have to -"

Nicole was surprised and her face turned redder. She looked at Jacob with disbelief in her eyes.

Jacob smiled and patted Nicole's face. He forced her to open her face and pressed it on his chest. What's more, he held Nicole's hand with his another hand.

Like electric shock, Nicole was about to get rid of his hand.

But she couldn't move because of Jacob's great strength.

"Don't let me get angry, or you will have a hard time."

Regardless of Nicole's resistance, Jacob said casually.

Nicole immediately stopped struggling. She loosened up a little and finally obediently lay in Jacob's arms.

Jacob lowered his head and looked at her with loving eyes.

"Relax." Jacob clung to her lips and gasped, "relax and don't be so nervous."

Nicole bit her lips and whispered with red eyes, "gently Be gentle... "

"No way!"

Jacob burst into laughter. His smile looked evil.

He took an extremely tough action, but his voice was low and gentle. He repeated, "no way."

Upon hearing this, Jacob was stunned as well. He had never a masochist. He even looked down upon those men who only relied on brute force to conquer women.

But when he refused Nicole's request, there was a mysterious thrill like an electric current went through his nerves.

The unprecedented pleasure swallowed him in an instant.

But Nicole didn't know this, or perhaps at this moment she had no ability to think about it. She was terrified.

This was completely different from her own experience. It was rude, oppressive, and there was no affectionate and interaction.

It was like a unilaterally punishment.

No... Stop

She wanted to beg for mercy, but when she opened her mouth, the sound was all broken.

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