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   Chapter 15 Come In And Take A Shower

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Although Nicole knew that Jacob came from a rich family, she was still surprised when she looked up at the skyscraper.

Luminous Building, only from the name, it was clear that it belonged to Gu family.

Nicole took a deep breath and gripped the handbag belt over her arm, then she stepped in.

As soon as Nicole entered, someone came up to greet her and politely led her to the elevator.

It seemed that Jacob had told them beforehand.

"Mr. Gu, Miss Du is here."

"Okay, you can leave now."

Entering the office of Jacob, Nicole was so nervous that her heart almost jumped to her throat.

This was the first time she came to the place where Jacob worked. It was strange but also attracting her admiration.

Looking at the big desk and the well-dressed man behind it, Nicole couldn't help but sigh in her heart.

The bully in her memory had really changed.

He was so dazzling.

"Sit down, please."

Jacob said in an unexpected polite way.

Nicole nodded slightly and sat down in the chair opposite to Jacob, thinking about how to start.

"Well as what we talked about on the phone before... "

"I can give you one million, but..." Jacob leaned back and changed the subject, "on one condition."

Nicole was shocked, "what condition?"

"Stay with me for a year."

"What?" Nicole suddenly stood up and asked with disbelief, "what do you mean?"

Jacob smiled and said, "I mean it literally."

"No No way... " Nicole shook her head and stepped back. "I can't promise you that."

"Then you can leave now." Instead of forcing Nicole to answer his question, Jacob picked up the document at hand and started to read it again. "But you have to make up your mind first. Not only the compensation, but also the nursing expenses after the cardiac surgery. As I know, it is also a large sum of money. It may waste all you efforts if it is delayed"

Nicole stopped walking.

She slowly turned to look at Jacob, her eyes were getting red.

"Why are you doing this, Jacob?" With a sad face, Nicole showed an expression of being humiliated in her eyes.

Jacob didn't seem to feel Nicole's sadness. He shrugged and smiled. "I'm a businessman. Of course I am expecting your return."

"I will find a way to pay you back..."

"No need."

Clenching her fists, Nicole became more and more disappointed.

"I can wait for you to think it over. But I don't think your mother and Jim can wait." Jacob put down the files and coldly looked at Nicole, "or, actually you don't care about them at all. You only care about yourself."

"Of course I do care about them! Otherwise, I won't ask you for help. I didn't know that you would ask such a brazen request! "

Suddenly, a sharp light went off in Jacob's eyes. With a wicked smile, he joked, "Even blood brother has to square accounts each other. Why should I help you for nothing?"


"What's more, you don't have to accept it. Sacrificing others to protect yourself that is not the first time you have done, don't you think you will be in a loss?"

Nicole was speechless. She closed her eyes and sighed that she had to accept her fate, thinking that her mother and brother were still waiting for her.

"I accept your request. I will accompany you for a year."

Hearing this, Jacob didn't feel happy but got angrier.

He suddenly stood up, pulled out a check from the drawer, and threw it on the table in disdain.


A person walked in quickly. "My master."

"Take her to withdraw the money and come back to report after this."


Kent took the check, walked to Nicole, bowed to her and said, "Mrs. Du, let's go."

As an outsider was present, Nicole restrained all her emotions and nodded to Kent, "OK."

She didn't look at the direction of Jacob even after she left.

With the help of Kent, Nicole paid the compensation and took Jim away.

That family should have been trying to make things difficult for her, but Kent turned them down.

Kent took Nicole to open a savings card and saved the rest fifty hundred thousand i

n. After that, he drove Nicole and Jim to back the hospital where Judy was.

"Sister, who was that man? And how did you get so much money?" Looking at the car leaving, Jim asked Nicole in confusion.

Nicole shook her head tiredly. "It's just a friend of mine. Don't worry about it. Let's go upstairs to check our mom."

"But Sis..." With tears welling up in his eyes, Jim pulled Nicole's sleeves and begged, "Nicole, don't cover it. I want to take responsibility with you."

Hearing what Jim said, Nicole burst into tears too.

She knew very well that Jim would definitely not accept the price that she had to pay, let alone bear the responsibility that she had to undertake together with him.

"I'm your sister, you trust me, don't you?" Nicole wiped her tears and asked, putting her hands on Jim's shoulders.

Jim nodded repeatedly and answered seriously, "yes, I do."

"That's good. Come with me to visit mom."

They went upstairs and came to the door of ICU. Austin who was supposed to sit there had already gone.

Nicole had no strength to be disappointed. She comforted Jim to sit down, and then went to the doctor's office.

"The patient recovers well. She will probably wake up this afternoon. She can be transferred to the general ward tomorrow or the day after tomorrow."

This was the only good news that Nicole heard in the whole day.

With the money given by Jacob, Nicole no longer worried about the medical fees, and she wholeheartedly paid attention to the treatment of Judy.

All efforts paid off. After Judy was transferred to the general ward for less than a week, she could walk with stand-by.

The whole family was happy with the result.

The brother and sister didn't tell Judy about Jim's crash accident. Sometimes, Judy would ask about the surgery fees, but Nicole prevaricated it every time.

That night, when Nicole just accompanied Judy to sleep, the phone suddenly rang.

Nicole had a bad feeling when she saw the number.


"Come to Luminous hotel in an hour."

Nicole nervously looked up at her sleeping mother, and tiptoed out of the ward with her mobile phone.

"I'm in the hospital with my mother. Can we meet some other day?"

"Call the nurse. I don't like waiting. You'd better hurry up."

Then, Jacob hung up the phone.

The feeble Nicole stood against the wall for a while. Finally, she walked to the nurse desk and asked the nurse to help take care of her mother before taking the taxi to the hotel.

Nicole spent some time in talking with the nurse, so she arrived at the hotel after one hour and a half.

According to the room number sent by Jacob, Nicole reached the 18th floor, took a few deep breaths before knocking the door.

The door was opened soon, and Jacob appeared behind the door. He was in a bathrobe, and most of his skin was bare. Water dripped from his wet hair, which made him more sexy for his handsome face. It was so embarrassed that Nicole looked away.

"Come in."

Nicole paused for a second and went in obediently.

"You were a married woman, so you should know how to serve people, right?" Jacob asked coldly.

Nicole panicked.

"Go and take a shower." Jacob cast a glimpse at Nicole with rage in his eyes.

Then, he ignored Nicole, walked straight to the head of the bed, and tasted the wine in his glass carefully.

Nicole stood there awkwardly for a while and walked into the bathroom step by step.

The bathroom was also filled with the scent of men's body wash.

Although Nicole had known that this would happen as long as she promised to Jacob, she still couldn't face it when it really happened.

However She had promised him. She couldn't say no. If it ended earlier, she could go back to the hospital and take care of her mom.

Nicole pinched her palm, came to the shower and turned it on.

Jacob leaned against the headboard, crossing his legs leisurely.

The sound of water came from the bathroom. He looked up, and the slender figure on the frosty glass was partly hidden and partly visible.

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