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   Chapter 14 Jacob, I Want To Borrow Money

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Nicole's mother was lying in the ICU while her brother was trapped.

Nicole had no idea, but only request Austin to help stay outside of the operating room. She went to look for Jim herself.

The old lady was sent to the neighboring hospital. Not far away, Nicole ran all the way there.

As soon as she entered the ward, Nicole saw Jim squatting down in the corner of the wall with his head in his arms, being pointed at by a group of people.

"What are you doing?"

Nicole pushed through the crowd and stood in front of Jim to protect him.

"Nicole, Nicole..." Jim sobbed and raised his head. He hugged Nicole and said, "I didn't do it on purpose. I didn't do it on purpose."

"Since you didn't do it on purpose, does it means that you don't have to be responsible for her anymore? My mother is at an old age now. Can you take the responsibility if anything bad happens to her?"

A middle-aged man said as he got close to Jim, poking Jim's forehead with his index finger.

Hearing the man's words, Jim was scared to step back, tears rolling down his face.

Nicole felt sorry for her brother. She took a deep breath and blocked the middle-aged man.

"I'm sorry. But please calm down first. None of us wants this to happen. Now that it has happened, we should find a solution to solve it. If it is my brother who should take the responsibility, we will definitely take the responsibility."

Her words were very polite, but the man was in a very angry temper.

"What is the if? You little girl, do you know what you're saying? It's his responsibility to take all the blames. How can we blackmail you after so many people saw what happened on the scene? "

"Yes, aren't there any adults in your family? Ask your parents to come and discuss the solution!"

Nicole was so close to the man that she could hear her own tinnitus.

Luckily, at this moment, a nurse appeared.

"Please be quiet. The patient needs rest."

Nicole calmed down for a few seconds, stared at the middle-aged man who seemed to be the most powerful man here, and said lightly, "tell us, what do you want us to do?"

"We've already told him. Pay for it!"

"How much?"

"At least three hundred thousand."

Hearing the amount, Nicole gritted her teeth and said, "it's a bit too much. My brother just went out by bike."

The middle-aged man raised his voice suddenly. "How can we go too far? My mother is still taking the physical examination inside now. Let's put aside the result of the examination first. Can you make sure that there will be no sequela after the accident? Can you promise that this crash will not have any bad impact on her future life? "

"But she rushed over by herself..." Jim retorted in a low voice.

The middle-aged man was irritated by this sentence and took a posture of beating Jim while cursing. Fortunately, he was stopped by someone beside him.

The two sides were in a stalemate. After a while, the doctor who examined the old lady came out.

It was really unlucky. The old lady's shank was fractured after she hit Jim's bike.

According to the doctor, the old lady had to stay in the hospital for a while.

The result determined the arrogance of the old lady's family. They raised the price to five hundred thousand after a short while.

Nicole was irritated and spoke without careful diction. "Are you robbing money? Your price almost can buy a life!"

After a moment of silence, a loud slap hit on Nicole's face.

"Do you mean that we can take your or your brother's life by giving you five hundred thousand? Or do you think my mother's life is worthless because she is old? "

"No I didn't mean that I'm sorry... "

"How arrogant you are! Where are your parents? Call your parents

here and I will talk to them. You are insulting us!"

Seeing his sister being beaten, Jim pulled Nicole over and shouted angrily, "what are you doing! You can hit me if you want, but not my sister! "

"No, Jim, don't talk nonsense." Nicole's eyes turned red, and she apologized, "we'll pay, we'll pay."

Hearing the compensation, the crowd calmed down a little.

But they still held Jim's hand and asked Nicole to withdraw the money.

Nicole stumbled away, standing at the gate of the hospital, feeling exhausted.

Suddenly Nicole's phone rang. It was from Austin.

"Nicole, how is everything going on your side?"

"They want a five hundred thousand compensation." Nicole sat weakly by the garden at the gate of the hospital.

Austin was shocked by the amount, "Five hundred thousand? Why so much? "

Nicole briefly explained the situation and asked, "you Could you lend me the money? I will find a way to pay you back. "


If it was before, Nicole wouldn't have been so humble. But now, she had no time to think about anything else. She begged, "please, Austin. I can write a note for you and I'll pay you the interest!"

"I would like to help you, Nicole. But the amount is too large. I don't have so much cash at all, and my mother is in charge of my money. She has already suspected that I used sixty thousand before, and it's impossible for me to get so much money now."

Hearing that, Nicole felt hopeless. She hang up the phone after hearing some more words from Austin.

500000 was not a small amount.

Although their house was large, the location was not good. As it was close to the suburb, it would be sold at most six hundred thousand. But if she sold the house, where would they live in the future?

Thinking about it, Nicole thought of a person.

There was someone that she didn't want to think about, but seemed to be the only person that could help her.

It was Jacob.

But thinking that she had owed him so much and still needed to ask him for help, Nicole felt uncomfortable.

However, thinking that her brother was still pointed at by that family, Nicole could not hesitate any more. She dialed the number that Jacob called her the first night.

It was put through, but no one answered.

Nicole hang up and continued dialing again.

He didn't answer until she tried third time. It sounded like he was interrupted.

"What is it?"

Hearing this, Nicole straightened her back and said, "Jacob, I want you to do me a favor."


"I want to I want to borrow five hundred thousand from you... "

It was only after a few seconds of silence that Jacob continued to ask, "Is the medical fees so much?"

"No, it's not like that..." Nicole explained embarrassedly, "Jim hit someone by his bike, and he has to compensate for it."

"……" Jacob didn't say a word.

"I really don't know what to do. They won't release Jim. If Jim can't afford the compensation, they will call the police. I'm really afraid that this matter will have an impact on Jim's reputation."

However, it was still silent at Jacob's side.

His silence frightened Nicole. She was afraid that he would refuse her.

A few minutes later, when Nicole couldn't wait any longer, Jacob said.

"Okay, you come here to withdraw the money."

"Really! Thank you! "

A few minutes later, Jacob sent her an address.

Nicole turned around and ran into that hospital, gasping for air. She said to the crowd around Jim, "I have gathered enough money. I'm going to withdraw it. You can't treat my brother so hard anymore."

That family didn't retort.

Nicole comforted Jim for a while and went downstairs to take a taxi, heading to the address on her mobile phone.

Luminous Building.

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