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   Chapter 13 You, Apologize To Her

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At night, Nicole was going to stay in the hospital to take care of her mother. So she asked Jim to go home for rest.

"You can go back too." Nicole also said to Jacob.

In fact, she was quite confused. She didn't understand why Jacob still stayed here.

It didn't look like he came here for fun.

But she didn't think that he did care about her as he suddenly asked her out to make fun of her.

She had been worried about her mom and wouldn't think it through first. But now, she calmed down and realized the reason Jacob had asked her to go out was to give that woman the long face.

She didn't know why he did this, but she really didn't like it.

It made her feel like she was just an object for him.

"I can take care of my mom by myself. Mr. Jacob, you have a lot of work to do. You don't need to do that."

Her voice was filled with fury.

Jacob's face darkened. He snorted and strode away.

Nicole sighed in her mind as she watched Jacob leaving.

She couldn't understand him at all.

It was getting later and later. Most patients and their families went to sleep. The corridor of the hospital was so quiet that it turned dreadfully pale with the light sprinkled.

Nicole sat on the bench outside the ICU and let her mind wander.

She thought of the time when she just knew Jacob.

She was in senior two that year, and a transfer student showed up in her class one day. Then the student stood on the stage casually and introduced himself.

Hearing that, Nicole looked up when she was doing a physical test paper.

"My name is Jacob Gu."

He said briefly.

He didn't say any greeting or make any polite remarks.

He was aggressive and defiant.

A vision of eternity.

"You can sit there now and change your seat later." The teacher was pointing to the seat behind Nicole.

For this handsome and arrogant transfer student, the attitude of the students was different in class.

Most girls were obsessed with the cool boy, and the boys had an alert look on their faces, just in case that Jacob would rob the limelight from them.

But they could do nothing.

However, it had nothing to do with Nicole, what she cared about most was her study.

Only when she did well in her exams would her school waive her tuition fees and award her scholarships.

The first time they had talked to each other was in two week in their PE class.

That day Nicole had her period and went back to the classroom after she asked for leave from the physical teacher. She put her hands on her stomach and took a nap on the desk when the door of the classroom was suddenly pushed open.

A group of boys crowed into the classroom.

"Jacob, my cousin set up a new game room. Let's go to play together after school."

"Jacob, you were so awesome just now!"

Nicole was uncomfortable and couldn't rest because of the noise, so she got up and she was going to find a quiet place to stay.

She was tripped up by someone when she passed by the boys who were gathering at the door.

Nicole fell on the ground.

Because of her funny pose, the boys burst into laughter.

Maybe it was because her mood was fluctuating during her period, Nicole, who was always calm, began to cry.

She squatted on the ground and cried with her shoulders trembling.

The boys' laughter gradually turned into cheers.

"Who did this?"

At this moment, Jacob suddenly said


No one dared to answer.

"I want to know who did it!"

"Jacob, I... I was just making fun of her. I didn't mean to make her cry."

"Apologize to her."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. Don't cry, please."

The more the boy apologized, the more wronged Nicole felt. Without accepting the apology, Nicole stood up and quickly left the classroom.

When she went downstairs, Jacob's voice came from behind her.


Nicole stopped and turned back angrily, "What's the matter?"

"You... Your pants got dirty."

Jacob's ears turned red. He seemed embarrassed.

It took Nicole a few seconds to realize what was going on. She pulled her trousers and turned her head to have a look, regardless of the presence of Jacob.

Her pants were so loose that she could see the back of her pants easily.

At that moment, Nicole's face was as red as an apple.

They kept silent awkwardly. Then Nicole heard the rustling sound.

Then, Jacob reached out to her with his school uniform.

"Here you are."

... "Thank you."

Although so many years had passed, Nicole still remembered that bossy man handed over his coat, and his ears were red at that moment.

The sunshine of afternoon poured on him through the window and coated him with a layer of golden light.

So dazzling.


"Nicole, Nicole."

Nicole opened her eyes and looked at the man in a daze.

"You stayed here the whole night? How is mom?"

Nicole woke up. She rubbed her eyes and asked, "Austin, why are you here?"

"I come here to visit our mother." Austin helped Nicole sit up straightly and said naturally.

"You don't have to do this. Austin, we have divorced."

"I know. But mom and Jim don't know yet. They will be suspicious if I don't come. Besides, we were once a couple, I should come to the hospital to visit her."

Hearing that, Nicole became silent.

"Nicole, are you hungry? I bought the breakfast for you when I came. Have some."

She had eaten very little last night. As soon as she smelled the flavor of porridge, Nicole felt hungry.

She accepted the bowl and began to eat.

When Jacob put off his work and arrived at the hospital, he saw the scene.

Nicole and Austin sat side by side. They were chatting in a friendly manner. From time to time, Austin helped Nicole lift her long hair which fell over her face, behaving as an intimate couple.

Jacob's eyes grew colder than ever before.

He really wanted to go over and stare into Nicole's eyes and questioned her, 'Are you so eager to drive me away just to make room for this man?

Is this man who betrayed you so good in your heart?

Or you are always so cheap?'

But his self-esteem made him unable to speak.

If he said that, he would lose.

He wouldn't lose.

Jacob sneered, turned around and left.

'Nicole Du, I'm not in the mood to play sweet games with you.

Let's do something straightforward.'

Half an hour later, Jim was on the way to the hospital by bike. Because he was absent-minded, he knocked down an old lady who appeared from nowhere.

This old lady was sent to hospital and her family asked Jim to pay some money. If not, they would send him to prison.

There were many witnesses in the spot, which made Jim difficult to defend himself.

When Jim told this to Nicole by phone, Nicole hastily turned the bowl over.

"How... How could this happen all of a sudden?"

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