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   Chapter 12 Little Girl, Are You Tired

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Nicole's ears were sensitive parts. Being teased like this in public, she flushed quickly.

Jacob was amused by her reaction. He did once again.


The woman covered her mouth and coughed.

Jacob stopped and looked up at her.

"I thought you didn't have dinner. You can eat now."

He said and looked at her with casual eyes.

The woman was distracted for a moment, but soon she put on a gentle smile again and began to have dinner.

Even though Jacob was born and raised in a rich family and had seen many ladies, he could not find any mistakes from her elegance and courtesy.

Therefore, this one was even much more difficult to deal with.

"Jacob, I heard from Uncle Jack that you have bought the land in the west of the city. Are you going to develop it by yourself or..."

The woman paused and looked at Nicole.

"Sorry, I forgot there was an outsider here."

It sounded like an easy sentence, but in fact, it had already given Nicole a head-on blow.

But this didn't work for Nicole at all. She had no passion to think about the relationship between Jacob and this women. Her only thought was how her mother was in the operating room and when she could go back to the hospital.

So actually she didn't catch the deep meaning from the woman.

"It's Okay. It doesn't matter that she knows."

Jacob said abruptly.

The woman didn't expect that Jacob would defend this girl in his arm. She looked at him unbelievably.

In the rich and powerful family like them, it was not strange that there was a butterfly around them. Everyone knew that they were just playing around, so they didn't care much about it.

But at the same time, they kept all the confidential information from the outsiders.

But it was obvious that Jacob didn't take precautions against this butterfly.

'Was it because he trusted her or because he spoiled her too much?'

She looked at the girl in Jacob's arms again. She had a bad feeling that this girl would be a stumbling block on her way to being Jacob's wife in Gu family.

The woman shrugged her shoulders and smiled grieved in her heart. She no longer said anything and focused on her meal.

At the end of the meal, Jacob gave a hint to Nicole to have some as well, and waved his hand to indicate that he was full.

Nicole put down the tableware, looked at Jacob eagerly and said in a voice that could only be heard by them, "you are full, can I go back now?"

Jacob glanced at the opposite and put his hand on the back of Nicole's head to force her to lean against his chest.

"We just came out for a while, and you got tired again,"

His voice was full of affection and sweetness.

Nicole held her breath and didn't dare to make a sound. She was afraid that she might have done something wrong and Jacob would change his mind.

"Well, stop being flirtatious. I'll drive you home."

Jacob said himself, put his arm around Nicole and stood up.

Hearing this, Nicole looked at Jacob, and there was a glimmer of joy in her eyes.


Obviously, the woman didn't expect Jacob would leave her alone here. She tried to keep him.

Jacob pretended to feel helpless. He patted on Nicole's head and said, "I have to go, Daisy. My little girl is tired."


Daisy Yu couldn't stay calm anymore and watched Jacob leaving with the girl in his arms. Her fork was almost twisted.

He flirted with the girl in front of her, now even left her alone for that girl.

Daisy stared at where Nicole had sit, eyes full of disdain.

It seemed that Jacob was too bold and spoiled that girl. She even dared to urge Jacob to leave right in front of her.

She looked down upon her!


"I'll take a taxi,"

"No, I'll drive you there."

After they walked out of the restaurant, Jacob pulled Nicole who was about to leave and got in his car.

Nicole took out her cell phone and called Jim immediately, as she had no time to pay attention to Jacob.

"Jim, how is it going?"

"Mom is still in the operation. Nicole, do you finish there?"

"Yes. I'll be right back."

Hearing that her mother was still in surgery, Nicole was not so anxious as before, and her expression softened.

Arriving at the hospital gate, Nicole got off the car and ran to the fast food restaurant near the hospital to pack a box of meal.

Jacob opened his mouth but said nothing.

When they went upstairs by the elevator, Nicole stared at Jacob and asked angrily, "what are you still here?"

Strangely, Jacob was in a good mood. Instead of getting angry, he smiled and said, "I'm here to see if the doctor has done his best."

His words were imperious, but they fit well with Nicole's heart.

The next moment, Nicole even thought that everything would be fine as long as Jacob was here.

She turned around uneasily to hide her fierce expression.

They walked along the direction of the operating room from the elevator. Nicole trotted towards Jim and handed him the lunch box.

"Jim, you've waited for so long. You must be hungry."

To her surprise, Jim shook his head and said, "No, I've already had lunch."

"Have you eaten?"

"Yes. Someone delivered takeout. What? Didn't you order it for me?"

When Nicole was wondering, Jacob said.

"Nicole asked me to book it for you. She was so anxious that she might forget it."

Nicole and Jim turned to look at Jacob at the same time. Jim asked curiously, "Nicole, who is he?"

"He..." Nicole didn't know what to say.

"I am..."

"He is my colleague!"

Nicole was afraid that Jacob would say something inappropriate, so she said that first.

Jacob was stunned. He didn't explain but smiled.

After all, Jim was still young. Hearing Nicole's words, he didn't think too much, and pulled Nicole to sit on the bench.

About half an hour later, the door of the operating room finally opened.

Judy was pushed out. She looked pale and closed her eyes.

"Doctor, how is my mother?"

"The operation was very successful. She will be transferred to ICU for observation for a period. If her condition is stable, she can be transferred to the general ward."

After giving a brief order, the doctor moved a gurney into the ICU with the nurses again.

Nicole held her face in her hands and tears fell down from her fingers.

Seeing this, Jacob felt heartbroken. He was about to comfort her, but was interrupted by Jim.

"Sis, it's all right. Mother is all right."

"Yes, I know. That's so great."

With his hands in his pockets, Jacob looked at them for a while and then turned around.

"Kent, buy some fruits and snacks upstairs."

About ten minutes later, a flat headed man appeared at the stairway with a bag of fruit and a large bag of snacks in his hand.

Jacob cast a glance at this sister and brother who were still staring at the ICU door and left quietly.

"Hello, Thank you so much for your work. Have some fruit and snacks here."

Jacob was a handsome man with extraordinary temperament. When he didn't smile, he was a cold beauty that no one could approach. When he smile, he could charm people.

Now he was standing by the nurse desk with a graceful smile and became the focus immediately.

There were rules for the nurses not to accept gifts, but fruit and snacks were acceptable.

Soon, the crowd was full of laughter from a desolate atmosphere

"Handsome boy, which patient's family are you?" The nurse asked passionately while glancing at the chocolate in the bag.

Jacob smiled and said, "Judy Du, who had just received an operation for heart transplant surgery, I am a colleague of her daughter. Please kindly take care of Judy after then. "

"Oh, it's her. We should do what we should do."

Kent Jiang, who is waiting for Jacob at side, was shocked by what happening.

His such indifferent Mr. Jacob was pleasing the nurse for help in person.

It seems it was time for him to win a lottery.

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