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   Chapter 10 Nicole Du, Do You Have Self-esteem

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"Nicole, don't push yourself too hard. I know you still love me. You just got hurt and you don't want to admit it."

Not giving up, Austin continued to persuade Nicole.

Nicole took a step back and kept a certain distance from Austin. She looked up at him with a stubborn and serious expression in her eyes.

"Austin, I don't love you anymore from the moment I saw you and Sabina betray me." Nicole put on a bitter smile, "I'm not great enough to forgive my husband for having an affair."

Austin gritted his teeth. Nicole was a soft girl. He had expected her to give in and make a concession.

However, Nicole, who was standing in front of him, was totally different.

A strong sense of unwillingness rose from the bottom of his heart!

"Nicole, don't say anything more. I know I was wrong. I promise I will never..."

As Austin spoke, he pushed Nicole against the wall.

"Bang -"

All of a sudden, Austin was knocked down to the ground by this unexpected fist.

Nicole was shocked by the person in front of her, and she covered her mouth in disbelief.

'Jacob, why is he here?

Did he hear the conversation?'

"Who are you?" Austin wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth and stared at Jacob ferociously.

Jacob said coldly, "stay away from her."

Glancing at Nicole and Jacob, Austin laughed as if he had understood something.

"Nicole Du, no wonder you are so heartless to me. You've already got a new boyfriend. It's really good method."

"Austin, why are you saying such harsh words?"

Nicole was so tired. She had just been grateful to Austin, then he had insulted her like that.

"Did I say anything wrong? Why do you still pretend to be sad in front of me when you have a new sweetheart? Well, your new sweetheart isn't unwilling to pay the medical fee for you, is he? "

Clenching her fists, Nicole looked at Austin with disappointment.

She shouldn't have accepted Austin's help.

"How much is it?"

Since no one responded, Jacob repeated, "how much is the medical fee?"

"It's not that much, sixty thousand. Look at your dressing-up. You can afford that." Austin sneered

Ignoring Austin's provocation, Jacob took out a check book and a pen from his pocket. And he wrote a number easily.

"Here is one hundred thousand dollars. The rest is your tips."

Jacob threw the check to Austin's chest, grabbed Nicole's wrist and pulled her out of the staircase.

With disbelief in his eyes, Austin took the check on his chest and looked it over again.

This was an effective cash check.

When he said the medical fee amount, he was thinking that the man would not pay for Nicole.

After all, nobody's money comes so quickly. If the man was reliable, Nicole would not be so melancholy about money.

However, things didn't go as he expected!

One hundred thousand was not a small amount, but the man gave it to him without blinking his eyes!

Who on earth was that man?

How could Nicole find a rich man so soon?

The muscles on Austin's face trembled involuntarily, and he was overwhelmed by hideous jealousy.


Nicole was pulled by Jacob to the garden downstairs and stopped.

"Do you have any self-esteem?"

Jacob sneered and his voice was as cold as ice.

Nicole felt a sudden pain in her heart, and pursed her lips tightly.

'I'm already such a bi

tch in Jacob's eyes?'

Nicole's eyelashes quivered, and her black pupils were full of pain and endurance. She did not say anything to refute, just standing there quietly, accepting the sarcasm on her.

As if she had been used to it.

Seeing her grief stricken eyes, Jacob was dazed for a moment, and then his heart ached.

But his heart was covered up by anger and irritation again in a flash.

What he had said was right. This woman had no self-esteem. She was humiliated and betrayed by Austin. How could she ask Austin for help?

'How could she rely on Austin so much?

Or is she still obsessed with Austin? '

'What's so special about that man, Austin? She would rather be touched than ask me for help?'

Jacob pinch fists himself. He had thought that he wouldn't care so much about her, and that he would be able to perfectly control his emotions.

Maybe he just overestimated himself!

"I will pay the medical bills. Don't let me see your bitch again!"

After a long while, Jacob threw the words, turned around and strode away.

Nicole watched him leaving as if a zombie. She stood there in a daze, and in her mind, she was thinking about the last word from Jacob.


Jacob was a man of action. When Nicole went back to the doctor's office, she learned that Jacob had arranged the best expert in the hospital to prepare the surgery for Judy.

The attitude of the doctor toward Nicole had obviously changed.

With great care.

It was not strange that Gu family was powerful and he knew someone in the hospital. Although Nicole still felt heartbroken for what Jacob said, she was relieved.

With the help of Jacob, at least, she would be more confident in mom's treatment.

Nicole looked out of the window at the lawn with a self mockery smile.

In fact, what Jacob said was right. She was indeed a bitch.

No mater Austin or Jacob, she still admitted their help boldly, even she was humiliated by them so much.

As for self-esteem?

It was ridiculous.

Compared with her mother's health and life, what she cared about meant nothing, let alone self-esteem.

"Nicole, Nicole."

Nicole suddenly regained her composure and turned to her mother.

"Mom, what's wrong?"

Judy looked at Nicole with concern, "Nicole, is there anything bothering you?"

Nicole went to her mother and sat on her bed. She held Judy's hands and smiled, "No, mother, why do you ask that all of a sudden?"

"Look at you. You have been hiding something from me all this time. Tell me. Is it because you have to pay a lot of money for my illness? Am I making you hard?"

Nicole hurriedly shook her head, "of course not. Mother, don't think too much. I can handle it."

Judy held Nicole's hands and said, "Nicole, be honest with me. Is your mother-in-law giving you pressure again?"

"Mom, please don't..."

"I know. Your mother-in-law has always looked down upon us. Even if Austin likes you and is willing to pay for it, she won't agree with it so easily,"

Nicole wanted to cry, but she held back her tears.

"Mom, don't worry. Your daughter is capable of something now. My mother-in-law can't teach me on such little money"

In order not to make Judy worried, Nicole still didn't tell her about the divorce.

But Nicole didn't expect that Selina, Austin's mother, would come to the ward.

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