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   Chapter 9 No One Is Here, Stop Pretending

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Sitting on the bench of the hospital corridor, Nicole was in a dilemma.

She had no relatives who could lend money to her. Besides, her neighbors wouldn't lend her so much money.

The only valuable thing in the Du family was the old house.

Nicole's mobile phone rang, interrupting her thoughts. She took it out and saw it was Austin.

She picked up the phone and heard the hesitant voice from Austin.

"Nicole, you Did you go home to take anything? "

Hearing that, Nicole knew that Sabina must have told it to Austin.

Even worse, Sabina might exaggerate the whole thing.

"Don't worry about that. I just went and took a few of my belongings, not including what you bought for me and your belongings. I didn't take any of them."

Nicole snapped furiously.

After being silent for a few seconds, Austin said slowly, "that's not what I meant. Nicole, don't be so upset."

Nicole replied nothing.

Austin kept going on, "Nicole, I'm not happy these days. I miss the days when we were together. We could have a hot meal every night when we got home, and there would be bath water prepared in advance. It's me... Who didn't know how to cherish you. "

Nicole felt very distressed as she heard Austin's confession.

Since Austin had chosen to betray her, it was unnecessary to regret.

"Nicole, Doctor Zhang is calling you."

Nicole smiled and nodded to the nurse, "Okay, I will go to him right away."

Austin was worried, "Doctor? Are you in hospital now? What's wrong with you? "


Nicole had been living with Austin for more than a year. She wanted to tell her difficulties to him unconsciously. But at that moment, she suddenly remembered that Sabina had said that Austin disliked her encumbrances. Then she swallowed her words.

"I have to hang up now. We'd better not contact each other from now on."

Then she hung up the phone and went into the doctor's office.

After talking with the doctor, Nicole trudged into her mother's ward.

The doctor told her not to worry too much. Only after camera test, they could decide if stent surgery is necessary. Three stents were the worst plan. But there was still a possibility that her mother didn't need the surgery.

His sweet words still made Nicole feel heavy in her heart.

She couldn't rely on her so-called luck. She must be well prepared, and she couldn't let anything bad happen to her mother.

Nicole calmed down herself and entered into the ward.

"Nicole, Austin just called. He heard that mom was sick and he said he would come here soon."

As soon as she entered, Jim reported the news to her.

Nicole was shocked, "what did you say?"

Knowing nothing about his sister's divorce, Jim answered with the word "It is brother-in-law, Austin, he just called. "

Gritting her teeth, Nicole walked out of the ward and dialed the number of Austin.

"What do you mean?"

As soon as the phone was connected, Nicole asked directly.

But Austin's attitude was much better. He said mildly, "Nicole, don't hide it from me. Mother is in hospital again, right? Don't be afraid. I'll be right there. "

"I don't need you..."

"I talked with mother and Jim. It seems that they don't know that we are divorced, do they? Don't reveal the secret. Don't irritate mother at this moment."

Austin was right. So Nicole couldn't find any words to refute.

One hour later, Austin arrived.

He bought a bunch of fruits and pretended to look exactly the same as before they divorced.

"Mom, we can cure whatever necessary. I am here. You don't need to worry about anything." Judy Du was amused by Austin's sweet words.

Nicole couldn't b

ear to see this. She went out alone to the corridor and sighed.

After a short while, Austin also came out.

"Nicole, don't be afraid."

Austin said affectionately, taking Nicole's hand.

"Come with me."

Nicole took Austin to the staircase and shook off his hand as soon as she entered.

"Nicole, please don't do this to me, i..."

"No one is here. Stop pretending!"

Turning her back to Austin, Nicole didn't want to see pity and worry in his eyes. She was afraid that she would change her mind.

She couldn't be soft hearted and forgive Austin, because he had mercilessly betrayed their marriage.


"Nicole, it's not the time for you to be angry with me. Now we should work together to cure mom's disease. When our mother gets better, you can throw your temper at me in any way you like, okay? "

"Don't worry about my mother. I can take care of her."

Although Nicole was still refusing, her voice was obviously lower.

"Even if we get a divorce, we are still friends. How can I sit by and watch you get into trouble?" Austin continued earnestly, holding Nicole's Wrist.

"I feel the same as you. I can't stand that anything bad happened to our mother."

Nicole didn't respond to Austin, nor did she shake off his hand.

At this moment, she needed these words, even Austin's words were just lies.

For her, the most important thing was that her mother could recover her health after the surgery.

Austin stayed at hospital. He behaved very well. Judy Du and Jim didn't notice anything.

And Austin also settle down the surgery for Judy Du.

He even didn't say anything about repaying the fees for the surgery and the operation of the heart operation.

"I'll pay you back the money." Holding the medical bills tightly, Nicole whispered to Austin.

Then Austin extended his hand to Nicole's head and rubbed it lovingly.

"I'm your husband. Let me solve the problem for you. OK?"

Since they were in the ward, Judy Du and Jim's attention was drawn by Austin's words.

The smiles on Judy Du and Jim's faces made Nicole uneasy.

"Jim, you stay here and chat with mom. We go out to have a talk."

Nicole said with a smile, and once again pulled Austin to the staircase.

"I really appreciate that you can help me. But could you please stop acting? I really have no mood to play with you."

Austin stared into Nicole's eyes and replied with a confused look, "I'm not acting."


"I still can't get over you. I didn't know you are good until you left. I was wrong. I regret about the divorce."

Austin's fingers stroked Nicole's face. The touch of his fingertips made his heart ripple.

He knew that Nicole had good skin, but he had never found that her skin was as white as jade, which made him don't want to put his fingers down.

He couldn't help thinking of Nicole's shyness in the bed.

She was like a pure girl which is opposite to Sabina.

He missed her so much that he found it hard to focus on having sex with Sabina.

That was why he was so active today, and even humbled himself.

Nicole dazed. They had been married for more than a year, and some of their habits had been developed even if their relationship was dull.


"I love you. I always love you. I can't live without you." Austin hugged Nicole and said.

Nicole's eyes began to struggle. Her mind clamored her not to compromise, but her emotion dragged her to submit to Austin.

"No, I won't."

Nicole pushed away Austin with clear eyes.

"Sorry, I don't love you anymore."

Jacob, who was going to rush into the staircase, curled his lips when he heard what Nicole said.

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