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   Chapter 5 I'm Sorry, I'm Married

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Jacob successfully saw pain, sorrow and indignation on Nicole's face, and the happiness of revenge swept over his heart.

It was the first time in five years that Jacob laughed out loudly.

He laughed so hard that his heart hurt.

"Jacob, don't make such a joke with me." Nicole begged, her eyes were turning red.

Jacob took a deep look at Nicole and said, "Well, Nicole, don't you like money now?"

With tears in her eyes and flushed with anger, Nicole struggled to get rid of Jacob.

As she guessed, Jacob hated her for what she had done to him!

That's why he asked her to come here and said something like that to insult her!

It was true that she had been coward and had given up Jacob first, but she had no choice...

Tears streamed down Nicole's cheeks and fell into the carpet.

"Mr. Jacob, if you don't need anything else, I will go out first." After a long time, Nicole stood up and bowed respectfully to Jacob. She staggered outside.

Both Nicole and Jacob had suffered a lot because of their social status in the past. Now that Jacob hated her, Nicole had no chioce but just let him do so.

When Nicole just arrived at the door and gripped the doorknob, someone pushed her against the wall in a sudden.

"Do you want to go away again?" Jacob gritted his teeth, with a bloodthirsty hatred in his eyes.

Nicole's face was pressed against the cold wall. She was uncomfortably controlled by Jacob, which made her more sober.

"Jacob, what do you want? What do you want me to do to compensate you?"

When she calmed down, she was able to talk normally.

Jacob laughed scornfully. He pushed Nicole to turn around, and he looked at her with a scornful smile. "Compensate? How are you going to compensate me?"


"Except for your body, what else do you have?"

Nicole turned her gaze away from Jacob's face.

She couldn't accept the fact that the man who treasured her in the past but regarded her as such a despicable person now.

"Name your price, I am now the young master of Gu family again, I can give you what you want.

Don't worry. I'm generous."

How attractive and hurtful Jacob's sexy voice was!

Nicole's heart was filled with sadness. She looked at Jacob again and said word by word, "Mr. Jacob, I'm married."

Jacob was stunned, and it took him a while to understand what Nicole had just said.

He raised his fist and punched the wall near Nicole's ear.

"Fuck off!"

Nicole opened her mouth, but didn't know what to say. She had to leave the room in silence.

As soon as she went out, she heard a loud bang from the bedroom!


After returning to the staff lounge, Nicole sat on the bed with her arms crossed and her head buried in her arms.

She wouldn't be so sad when she had seen Austin's cheating with her own eyes.

Perhaps, she had never forgotten about Jacob. Perhaps just as the old saying, the first love was always the most painful...


After Nicole left, Jacob kicked over the tea table in anger. The two-meter-long glass fell straight down and broke to the ground.

Just like the heart of Jacob.

'For what?

Why do I have to suffer so much? Why can you live such a good life and even get married as if nothing happened.'

Jacob's lips turned pale with anger. His previous excitement of revenge disappeared when

he heard that Nicole had been married.

'Nicole, you were so cruel to me that year. How dare you live a life as if nothing had happened?

How dare you have happiness?

A person like you doesn't deserve it.'

After a long time, Jacob slowly took out his phone from his pocket, pressed the hotkey and called the senior assistant.

"Investigate a person."


The next day, Nicole woke up from the lounge.

She held her heavy head and sat up, recalling what had happened the other night.

The furious Jacob and the runaway herself.

Maybe it was because the red wine was hypnotized, she came back and sat on the bed, cried and then fell asleep.

Nicole got out of bed and washed her face. Looking at her slightly swollen eyes in the mirror, she sighed heavily.

Now that she was married, she believed that Jacob wouldn't meddle in her affairs.

After she washed her face and rinsed her mouth, Nicole gathered in the hall as usual.

"Nicole, please stay here." After the manager finished speaking, he called her name alone.


Nicole was confused. She didn't know what had happened, but she saw the manager was unhappy.

"Nicole, I'm sorry. You can't work at the hotel anymore." The manager looked helpless.

"Why?" Nicole asked in surprise, "Manager, did I do anything wrong?"

The manager frowned and said, "One of our hotel's VIP clients complained about you to our boss. I have no choice."

Thinking of what had happened last night, Nicole immediately understood.

She looked at the manager and asked indifferently, "It's Jacob who complained about me, right?"

The manager nodded his head with difficulty.

"Tell me the reason." With tears in her eyes, Nicole asked, "What does he complain about me?"

"Well... I don't know. The general manager didn't tell the details." The manager looked embarrassed. "Nicole, what happened between you and Mr. Jacob? Why don't you apologize to him? Maybe he will forgive you."

"No, thanks."

Nicole refused without any hesitation. She wiped her tears and sobbed, "Manager, I think I can get my salary for this period, right?"

"Of course, I will pay your salary later. I have been keeping an eye on your efforts, Nicole. If you can't find a suitable job, I can introduce you to someone I know. You... Don't be too sad..."

The manager wouldn't have let Nicole go if not for the order.

It was rare to see such a diligent and hardworking employee.

But she had offended the big shot and couldn't stay.

"Thank you."

Nicole said politely. She didn't take the manager's words seriously. She went to the personnel department to get her salary, took off her uniform and left.

Five years ago, the Gu family had the great power to manipulate other people's fate, and she knew that the hotel could not afford to offend the Gu family.

But where could she go next?

Nicole stood at the hotel gate for a long time, then she turned around and left.

What she didn't know was that her every move was watched by Jacob, who was sitting in a private car not far behind her.

"Mr. Jacob, the meeting will begin in half an hour."

The assistant sat next to him and reminded him, holding a thick stack of documents.

Jacob fixed his eyes on Nicole who was about to disappear from the corner. He squinted his eyes.

"Follow up."

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