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Nicole sat on the floor in a daze.

The scene she had just met Jacob played over and over again in her mind.

It was really him...

"Nicole, is Nicole here?"

The lobby manager's voice came from the intercom.

Nicole wiped her tears and answered.

"Have you finished cleaning the Room 666?" Asked the manager.

"Not yet." It was not until then that Nicole remembered that she had something important to do. She got up and patted the dust on her clothes. "I'll finish cleaning it right away."

"No need for that. I'll arrange for Lily to go to clean the Room 666. The one in Room 888 is our distinguished guest. Treat him well and provide him with the best service, making him feel at home. Do you understand?"

Nicole nodded solemnly, "Yes, I do."

She kept her encounter with Jacob in her mind and tried her best to calm down. Nicole took a deep breath, patted her face and walked out of the staircase.

Standing in front of the Room 888, Nicole raised her hand and knocked the door softly.

A moment later, someone inside the room said, "Please come in."

Nicole turned the doorknob and walked in with a straight face. She slightly bent down and said politely, "Sir, may I help you with the guest room service?"

No one responded.

Nicole was waiting for a while and spoke again, "I'm sorry to bother you, sir, have a good rest, if you need anything..." ...


Hearing this voice, Nicole was stunned.

She looked up in panic and saw the man sitting on the sofa in front of her.

The man who just met...

With a glass of wine in his hand, Jacob looked at Nicole with a faint smile, not knowing whether he was happy or angry.

Nicole clutched her fists tightly. She stared at Jacob with blank brain.

"Come here."

Compared with Nicole's panic, Jacob looked much calmer. He stared at Nicole and said calmly.

Nicole's fingernails were about to pierce her palm. She gave a deep look at Jacob, struggling...

'What the hell does Jacob want to do?'

After a long while, she bowed her head and walked towards him step by step.

She thought that maybe Jacob had already forgotten her, she was the servant of this hotel now, and he was just a guest for her.

She'd better not flatter herself.

"What can I do for you, sir?" Nicole walked over and stopped when she was about one meter away from Jacob.

She was polite and distant.

Jacob stared at the woman in front of him. From the moment she came in, all his attention was focused on her.

Five years.

For countless sleepless nights, he was dreaming about the scene of their meeting again. If they met again, he would ask her why she had done that, and let her know how painful he had been, and ask her to give him an explanation.

As time went by, his grievances and unwillingness gradually turned into deep hatred.

He hated her.

He hated her cruelty, she let him taste the happiness of love, and she trampled this happiness cruelly.

"Drink it."

Jacob managed to hold back his burning hatred and collected himself.

Nicole looked at the wine glass in front of her, biting her lips.

"Sir, we can't..."

"Are the waiters of this hotel always so rude to the guests?" Jacob interrupted her rudely. His face turned cold.

Nicole bit her lips, took over the glass with trembling

hands and drank it up.

"Cough... Cough..."

Jacob stared at Nicole who coughed badly because of drinking too quickly, and sorrow appeared in his eyes.

After so many years, she still couldn't drink.

And she was still so reckless when drinking.

Jacob squinted. He picked up a bottle of wine and filled the glass in Nicole's hand. Then he poured one more glass for himself. Their glasses clinked.

"Long time no see."

Nicole raised her head and looked at Jacob who was wearing a wicked smile.

She sighed in a low voice. She knew she couldn't pretend not to know him anymore.

"Long... Time no see."

Jacob raised his glass and said, "Nicole, we haven't seen each other for years. It is worth to celebrate, right?"

Although Jacob behaved in a casual way, Nicole still could see his anger and indifference from his eyes.

In the past, Jacob would never look at her in such a way...

Nicole felt bitter in her heart. She avoided Jacob's eyes and drank up the full glass of wine again.

Nicole, who had never drunk before, drank two glasses of wine in succession. Her eyes began to blur.

"Come on."

When Nicole was about to refuse, she was held up by one of Jacob's hands and put the glass directly to her lips.

Without enough time to think, she swallowed a big gulp of red wine.

"Cough." Nicole drunk so quickly that she bent down and covered her mouth, coughing violently.

The strong alcohol made her throat painful. She coughed for a long time before stopping. She looked at Jacob with tearful eyes. Before she opened her mouth, she lost her balance and fell to one side...

Then, her arm was grabbed.

Jacob dragged Nicole into his arms.

"Are you drunk?"

Dumbfounded, she looked up at Jacob and saw him stretch out his hand and touch her face with his fingertips.

A gentle touch.

With tears in her eyes, Nicole felt very sad. She remembered that she had been held by Jacob in the same way when she was lying on his legs, and his fingertips gently touched her face.

He gently stroke her face, as if touching a piece of priceless porcelain.

Sweet enough to make her want time to stop at that moment.

Jacob stared at Nicole who was crying in his arms. She was the woman he was willing to give up everything for, the woman who made him fell from heaven to hell. The hatred in Jacob's heart broke out once again and rose to the top.

He hated her.

He hated her so much that he could not forget her.

He hated her so much that he was unwilling to admit that he still loved her.

And he had a deep desire for her!

The Adam's apple of Jacob bobbed, and his fingers fell on Nicole's face. He pinched her smooth and small chin, looked at her with contemptuous eyes. "Stay with me tonight."

Nicole took a deep breath with pain and forced herself to come back to reality. She looked at Jacob in confusion. "What?"

Jacob raised his lips, bent down and frivolously approached Nicole, blowing hot air to her ears.

"How much do you want now? I'll give you ten times more."

It took a while for Nicole to understand what was going on. She turned to look at Jacob in disbelief.

Suspicion, anger and humiliation all appeared on her face, and she instantly sobered up!

She pushed him abruptly and trembled out of anger.


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