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   Chapter 362 Training Ground For Fresh Men

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When they got home, Ethan was already waiting for them at home. Seeing that Marilyn finally came back with the children, he looked at Marilyn with grievance.

"Mary, you're finally back." As he spoke, he stood up and gave Marilyn a hug.

After reporting to Felix, he came back home as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the person he wanted to accompany went to accompany another woman.

It was not easy for him to get Marilyn back, but he was still jealous of Ollie. Well, he didn't know if he should laugh or be sad for his unfortunate fate.

Then they would live in the base for a period of time. During this period of time, Ethan had already thought that the two of them would definitely make an appointment with each other every day.

Adam and Ethan, the two brothers who had been abandoned by their wives, had no choice but to grit their teeth and hold the grief for them.

Seeing this, Marilyn was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. Of course, she could tell what was wrong with him. She sighed in her heart that he was really like a child now.

He was so clingy, like a cute big dog. Marilyn couldn't help but touch his head and coaxed him in a pampering and indulgent tone, "Well, Ethan, I will come back early to accompany you next time. Don't be unhappy, okay?"

"Really?" He winked at Marilyn. As a man of his age, he was particularly shameless to play cute to Marilyn.

Marilyn was almost melted by his adorable face, and she didn't think too much. She held up his face and rubbed it, and gave him a big kiss. You can do whatever you want, right? It's up to you. "

After all, Ethan was so cute. Most of the time, she could do nothing to him. As long as he gave in and put down his airs to play cute to her, her mind would immediately be in a mess.

She couldn't care about anything else. Every time she was defeated by his sweet words, there was only one thought left, that was, she would give him whatever he wanted. He was good-looking, so what he said was right.

Ethan had already noticed this, so he was never shy in front of Marilyn. When he should act like a spoiled child and say sweet words, he was never stingy.

In the evening, Marilyn personally cooked, with the help of Ethan. The two of them made a big table of dishes, and the family of four had a warm dinner together.

All of them were very happy. They hadn't enjoyed such a warm moment for a long time. No matter what would happen in the future, they would remember this beautiful moment.

In the evening, Ethan could finally enter the room. Although little Dumpling still disliked him, but because Marilyn didn't drive him away, so he said nothing.

When they were sleeping, Ethan was sleeping at the outermost part of the bed, and Marilyn was sleeping next to him. In order to prevent the two children from falling off the bed at midnight, they were sleeping at

who were not afraid of tigers. They could not help but feel a sense of generosity in their hearts.

"I will definitely surpass him and become the next legend in the base!" The one who spoke was the best newcomer to the base this year. After he finished his words, his teammate couldn't help complaining about him.

"Are you kidding? Mr. Ethan was a God. How could a person surpass a God? No way! "

The group of people whispered, mostly admiring the performance of Ethan. He was very famous in the base, and his shooting and body techniques had become legends in the base.

Since the third year after Ethan entered the base, he had been the champion of every record till now. Only he himself could break his own record. Others could only catch up with his divine records.

Therefore, in the eyes of these newcomers, Ethan was completely an idol. In the base, strength was the most important thing, and his strength was the one standing at the top of the Pyramid.

The coach who trained the newcomers naturally knew Ethan. Seeing that Ethan had caused such a commotion, he scolded with a straight face, "Be quiet! Keep training! If you keep talking, you will have more training! "

After saying that, he rushed to Ethan and said with a smile, "Mr. Ethan, why do you come here to watch the new disciples Training?"

Just like the new comers, even the coach respected Ethan very much. Ethan was a legend in their base. He was like a God and deserved everyone's respect.

"Nothing. My wife and children want to see them training. Sorry to trouble you." Said Ethan with a smile.

"No, No." The coach scratched the back of his head with embarrassment. Hearing that his wife was mentioned, he turned to look at Marilyn, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

"Good morning, Mrs. Marilyn. Your story on the shooting range is still spreading. It's an honor for those new comers to make you interested in them."

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