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   Chapter 346 Waking up

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"…… Completely regained your memory? In other words... You have recovered part of your memory before that? "

Marilyn caught the point in an instant. She stared at him and said in a cold voice. Her mood fell to the bottom in an instant. It was not that she didn't believe him, but that she remembered clearly.

Before that, Ollie was pushed to the ground by Selena. If they hadn't been in the hospital, she would have had a miscarriage. But at that time, Ethan still protected Selena and defend her.

At that time, Selena pushed Ollie to the ground on purpose. Ollie and Marilyn saw clearly her vicious eyes at that time. If it weren't for the protection of Ethan, Adam and Marilyn would never let her go.

If he had regained his memory at that time, then Ethan could not say that he protected Selena was because of his amnesia. It could only be said that it was all out of his mind at that time. Marilyn thought it was ridiculous.

Hearing that, Ethan was stunned. Apparently, he didn't expect that Marilyn would get the point at once. Women were very sensitive on this kind of thing, especially women who had fallen in love.

Hearing the cold voice of Marilyn, he sighed helplessly and explained seriously to Marilyn, "At that time, I did recover part of my memory, but why did I lose it? What happened before I lost my memory? And who was against me? I still can't remember."

Ethan paused and sighed helplessly. "I had noticed that there was something wrong with Selena's appearance, but I couldn't prove it. In order to know the man behind Selena, who was my real enemy, I had to protect her as I did before. I couldn't show any flaws. I had to figure out the truth. I was investigating the person behind Selena that time, so I..."

Hearing his explanation, Marilyn's face softened, but she still had some questions to ask.

"What's going on between you and Juan? Is it really because of me? Did he do such a crazy thing because of me? "

Marilyn was still in a daze until now. She felt like she was in a dream that she suddenly became a siren for women. It was all because of her that Juan fell in love with her that so many tragedies had happened.

Marilyn felt bitter about what Juan had told her. She didn't know when she had the ability to attract a strange man to do anything to get her.

Hearing Marilyn's question, Ethan knew that Juan must have told her the truth. He felt very sorry for Marilyn. Marilyn didn't do anything, but she had to suffer so much because of a madman.

He held Marilyn's hand tightly, looked at her gently and comforted her softly, "Mary, you didn't do anything wrong. Don't think too much. Leave everything to me. I will handle it well. Trust me, okay?"

His gentle voice seemed to have magic. Marilyn was comforted by him unconsciously. She looked at


Comforted by the soft voice of the little boy in her arms, Marilyn's heart softened in an instant. She wiped her tears hard and gave a big smile to the little Dumpling.

"Well, mommy don't cry. I'm not sad. I'm just too happy. It's tears of joy."

Marilyn was deeply touched by her son's thoughtfulness at such a young age. The reason why she loved the two children so much was that they also loved her. After all, love was mutual.

Marilyn's voice and movements were not light. They had already woken up Ethan. Looking at his little son clumsily comforting his mother, Ethan was also full of gratification.

Marilyn educated him well. His son had grown into a gentle, kind and sensible gentleman when he was not with him.

Looking at the little Dumpling and Marilyn who were hugging each other, his eyes softened. After a long time, he said, "Since you are awake, get up and have breakfast. You must be hungry, aren't you?"

It was not until then that Marilyn and little Dumpling noticed Ethan. Looking at him who had woken up, Marilyn felt a little embarrassed and her ears turned red. She nodded and said, "Okay."

Ethan left the room first and called the doctor over to check the body of little Dumpling. He was drugged and nobody knew if there was any sequela after he woke up.

The doctor examined little Dumpling dutifully. Seeing that Marilyn was looking at him nervously, he smiled at Marilyn and said, "The child is fine. He just woke up. Let him eat something."

Marilyn breathed a sigh of relief. After the doctor left, she got out of bed with little Dumpling in her arms and went to the bathroom to wash up. She had planned to go downstairs with little Dumpling in her arms.

But little Dumpling felt sorry for his mother. He insisted that he was a man and wanted to go downstairs by himself. Marilyn had to hold his hand instead.

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