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   Chapter 343 A Sudden Change

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Juan fell in love with Marilyn at the first sight when he saw her in the world competition, but unfortunately, it was too late for him to show up.

When he fell in love with Marilyn, Marilyn had met the man she fell in love with and married him. Obviously, this man was Ethan.

Ever since Juan was a child, he had never been so eager to get something.

Since he fell in love with Marilyn, Marilyn's love with Ethan was destined to be harder. Juan had never been a man who would sit still and wait for death. He couldn't accept the woman he fell in love with for the first time to live a happy life with others.

That was why the base was urgently called back Ethan before the wedding. It was not difficult for the power behind Juan to do that.

Even if he wanted to kill Ethan and make him disappear from the world, it was not that difficult. In order to prevent the wedding of him and Marilyn, he had planned all this in order to kill Ethan.

But at the last moment, he suddenly remembered what his poor mother had said, "A living person can never defeat a dead person." This was the sorrow that only the living people could understand.

The background of the Gu family was very strong. Juan was the child born by his father's legal wife, and also the only heir in the family. However, in his father's heart, he would never be able to defeat an illegitimate child.

The illegitimate child was given birth to by his father's so-called true love. Unlike other children, Juan had a cold nature and even had no feelings for his parents.

But he had a high IQ and knew how to disguise himself from an early age. He pretended to be gentle and elegant. Unconsciously, his father had thought a lot of highly of him, and after he grew up, he had successfully taken over the family business.

Juan had never experienced love since he was a child. When he was fourteen years old, the doctor concluded that he had a very serious emotional loss disorder. Everything in the world was black and white for Juan, and there had never been an exception.

However, the appearance of Marilyn had become the only exception in his life. He had never experienced such a feeling, so he was more eager to get her.

It was because of what his mother had said before she died that he let go of Ethan at the last moment and asked someone to take Ethan who was seriously injured and in a coma away.

He asked the hypnotist to hypnotize Ethan, making him lose all his memories, and hinted him to have a strong sense of dependence on the first person he saw when he opened his eyes.

From the very beginning, the existence of Selena was arranged by Juan, so the following things happened. His purpose was only to make Marilyn completely give up on Ethan, and then he would take

thly pale. Facing the crazy Juan at this time, an inexplicable sense of fear came to her again. The feeling of goosebumps all over her body made her hands tremble slightly.

For the first time, Marilyn clearly felt the danger of this person. She seemed to have a voice shouting in her heart, asking her to run away quickly!

However, Marilyn's legs were as heavy as lead, and she couldn't take a step forward at all. She opened her mouth and blurted out, "Juan! You are crazy! "

"Hahaha..." Staring at her with his deep eyes for a while, Juan suddenly burst into laughter which was uglier than crying. He stopped laughing, bypassed the table, and walked towards Marilyn step by step.

"Are you afraid of me? I said I wouldn't hurt you. Why are you afraid? Am I that scary? "

As he approached, Marilyn's scalp tingled. She really wanted to say something, but the door of the box was kicked open!

"Bang -"

After a loud sound, Marilyn looked in the direction of the voice and saw that the leader, Ethan, and a group of his subordinates quickly surrounded Juan.

Nearly twenty tall and strong men in black swarmed in, making the small room even more crowded in an instant, and the room exuded a terrible sense of pressure.

These people used to kill people, and all of them were murderous. If an ordinary person stood against one of them, his legs and stomach would tremble with fear, not to mention that there were also Ethan and Juan with gloomy faces here.

The two of them were both in high positions, and their hands were stained with blood. Their auras were even more oppressive than those of Ethan's subordinates.

The progress of Juan's approach to Marilyn was forced to stop. Juan turned his head to look at Ethan who suddenly appeared. His face was gloomy, as if he could bite off Ethan's neck in the next second.

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