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   Chapter 340 Meeting

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Facing the lost child, Marilyn couldn't think of anything at the first sight of him. She just wanted to stay by his side all the time. She had been suffering from fear these days. She didn't eat or drink all day and night and didn't sleep all the time in order to find the little Dumpling. Now she finally found him. Marilyn was very happy. She felt lucky, and at the same time, she was still a little worried about little Dumpling's missing.

She didn't dare to leave the little Dumpling for a second, just like a frightened bird, fearing that he would disappear from her sight again. She didn't even dare to blink her eyes. She stayed by the side of the little Dumpling, waiting for him to wake up and see her mother at the first sight.

Little Dumpling must have been frightened these days. She was afraid that what happened this time would leave a psychological shadow on the child. She kept thinking how to comfort him when he woke up. Only in this way could she make up for his mental injury.

Seeing Marilyn's sad face, although Ethan felt sorry for her, he didn't persuade her to go to bed. He understood Marilyn's feelings very well. No matter how he persuaded her, she wouldn't listen to him.

He might as well coax her to eat something first. After all, Marilyn hadn't eaten or drunk for two or three days, and her body was almost unable to hold on any longer. She had been holding on for the past few days.

The doctor said that Marilyn had been hungry for a long time, so it was not appropriate for her to eat irritating food at once. It was better for her to have some light liquid food first. Therefore, Ethan cooked a bowel of millet congee for Marilyn.

After hearing the doctor's advice, Ethan went to the kitchen to cook porridge for Marilyn. He didn't know how to cook delicious food, and he ate in the canteen when he was in the base. Even if he cooked it himself, it was not very delicious, so he seldom cooked it, but he could still cook simple porridge.

At seven o'clock in the evening.

With a bowl of porridge in his hand, Ethan pushed open the door of little Dumpling's room and walked in. He saw Marilyn holding little Dumping tightly, sitting cross legged on the carpet and bending over her arms. She stared at the sleeping face of little Dumping in a daze. She had maintained this posture for several hours. Since she came here in the afternoon till now, Marilyn had been looking at little Dumpling like this. If possible, she wished she didn't even blink her eyes.

With a sigh, Ethan walked up to Marilyn and said softly, "Mary, eat something. I've made porridge for you. Eat some, or your body won't be able to hold on."

Marilyn was interrupted by Ethan. She looked up at him and saw him holding a bowl of porridge and looking at her gently. She was stunned and then realized that she hadn't eaten anything for

kay, you can go. Protect yourself."

"I'm sorry." Marilyn felt a little guilty to Ethan. She knew that he was worried about her, but she insisted on going. She could only apologize softly.

Marilyn stood up and had a rest for the whole afternoon. After eating something, she had recovered a lot of strength.

After apologizing, she took a last look at little Dumpling and left the room directly. When she walked to the gate, Marilyn received a message from Juan.

"I'll wait for you at the teahouse in the Pedestrian Bridge District until tomorrow morning. If you don't come, I won't leave. - Juan. "

Taking a look at the message, Marilyn took a deep breath and hailed a taxi by the roadside. She told the driver the address that Juan had sent to her, "Please drive faster, Sir."

"Okay." The driver nodded with a smile and stepped hard on the accelerator. The taxi sped up.

After Marilyn left, Ethan also went out and followed her closely in the car. Although he let Marilyn go, he was still worried about her staying alone with Juan.

The Pedestrian Bridge District was not far from where Ethan lived, and they arrived soon.

The driver stopped the car. Marilyn paid the car fee and got off. When she got out of the car, she saw a person who was not supposed to appear here at the door of the teahouse.

She saw the two standing at the door of the teahouse and talking. Marilyn was so far away from them that she couldn't hear their conversation clearly.

Marilyn was confused why Juan knew Selena and they looked familiar.

At this moment, the conversation between Juan and Selena had come to an end. Out of the corner of his eyes, Juan saw Marilyn. With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he said softly, "You can leave now. The person I'm waiting for is already here."

Hearing his words, Selena turned around and saw Marilyn. She sneered and left without saying anything.

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